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SpeakOut 1/13

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I wanted to speak out against Dell Inc. I purchased a Dell laptop a year ago with a three year service contract on it through Dell with their warranty. The tech has had to come to my house three times to repair the unit. When they were here they told me I needed to call Dell Customer Service again and see what they could do to resolve it because they could not do any more with it. I called technical service and they had me send the unit to Memphis to a repair facility. They sent it back stating they could not fix it. I've been dealing with Dell almost a month and a half trying to get my laptop fixed. They promised me a replacement that should arrive Dec. 13. They told me that order had been cancelled and it should be here Dec. 27. I can't get ahold of anybody in corporate. Nobody wants to take responsibility for the warranty of the computer. I keep getting the brush-off. I've been transferred. I've probably spent 20 hours on the phone with technical support trying to get it up and running or getting the replacement resolved. I'm very dissatisfied with Dell. I just wondered if other readers of the Standard Democrat have had problems with Dell computers and their Customer Service, which by the way is located in India. I have nothing against the people themselves, but Indonesians are very hard to understand. Anyone looking to buy a computer, don't even consider buying a Dell. They're lacking in customer service, customer care, customer concern. The people don't call back like they say they will.

We read in the paper about the Operation Grinch. Good work Sikeston Police Department. Maybe you can do a Valentine's sweetheart. You're doing good work there Sikeston Police Department. Thank you.

I'd like to say what kind of world are we living in that would turn their heads to keep ones sleeping out in the cold or going hungry. You call to get help for people and you get the reply that people have messed the system up so much, they don't do that anymore. Thank God He didn't have the sort of attitude, one soul is bad, all souls are bad, let's destroy them all. There needs to be emergency funds set up for our citizens that fall on hard times. It can happen anytime, anywhere. Where do people turn? DAEOC closes its doors at night. There is no help for the poor or needy. Stop judging people and start helping. I'd hate to get stranded in this town at night. I'd be fed to the wolves or starve to death. You can't take what you have when you go, so if you have 20 coats in your closet would it hurt you to give up 10 of them to people who are cold? I think people for this new year ought to look into their hearts and show what a good, caring community we can be here in Sikeston.

I don't agree with Mr. Jensen's column very often. But his editorial on the crisis in the home lending market was one of those rare occasions that I agreed with him. That was telling it like it is. The only thing that shocked me is how he didn't find someway to blame Hillary for the mess.