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Long and short of it

Monday, July 17, 2006

Danielle Mikels, Goody's Family Clothing Junior Department head, sets up a display.
SIKESTON -- There's no middle road when it comes to short styles for young women this summer.

"It's really short shorts or really long shorts," said Bobbi Tinnin, a member of management at Goody's Family Clothing in Sikeston.

Fifteen-year-old Lauren Little of Sikeston said Bermuda shorts, which are knee-length, are a huge hit this year. "They're easy just to throw on and go," she said.

Like Goody's, J.C. Penney's shorts range from having two to four-inch inseams to being the longer Bermuda styles, said store manager Bill Dickherber. "The little bit longer length, with a three- to four-inch inseam is still the most popular," he said.

But on the teen scene in Sikeston, Bermuda shorts are the hot item this summer, Little said. "I haven't really seen any short shorts," she said.

And while short shorts remain popular, it's the Bermuda that people are talking about this summer. "I've heard a lot more people liking this Bermuda coming in," Tinnin said. "They're very happy about it."

One of the selling points for Bermuda shorts is the variety of ways they can be worn. For instance, those made of terry cloth can be worn casually, while cotton shorts are good for hitting the gym or lounging around, Little said.

Still yet, several women are embracing the Bermuda shorts as being more dressy.

"They're really cute -- they can be dressed up and look nice," Tinnin said, adding that her manager often wears some of the dressier styles. "I think they're more professional looking."

In fact, the shorts would look good with a jacket, in addition to tanks and other tops, Tinnin said.

"You can wear the plaid Bermuda ones if you're going out to a more formal occasion," Little added. She suggested pairing the shorts with a solid tee, and said they are appropriate for church.

But they still aren't as professional as capris, Dickherber said, adding that Bermuda shorts may be a bit too casual for some work environments.

The shorts are sure to be a hit when parents take their daughters back to school shopping.

"Parents will be thankful for these styles -- a lot of them won't like the styles that are real short," Dickherber said. Although he's noticed the store often sells more than shorts at back-to-school time, short trends often carry over from the summer.

Tinnin, on the other hand, expects to have a lot of customers looking to buy the longer shorts. "Bermuda's probably going to be the most popular thing for back to school," she said.

School officials should be happy, too. Little, who attends Sikeston High, said the school requires students' middle fingers to hit the bottoms of their shorts while holding their arms to their sides.

"(The length) is just about right," she said. "You can't normally find shorts that are that long."

The shorts come in all different styles. They come in denim and twill, with both solid prints and plaid, camouflage or other designs.

"Like colors -- even just white -- are really popular," Little said.

Bermuda shorts are quite comfortable, too, Little added, saying they are good for traveling. "They're a lot more comfortable than blue jean shorts," she said.

Tinnin agreed. "They're more comfortable and less revealing -- I think that's mainly the deal," she said.

How long can we expect this trend to last? "I would think for awhile," Tinnin said. "But I don't know, the trends change so often."