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Speakout 8/17

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I hope all Governor Blunt's teeth fall out. After all, you took dental care away from my child. I just think it's terrible. I don't know how he lives with himself. The child is mentally handicapped at that. Like I said, his time is coming and he's going to face the big Judge for doing this to people one day.

Come on Chris. Kevin Self on the Mt. Rushmore of baseball coaches? I don't think so. Just look at the stats. Steve Williams, probably the best coach in this area, if he had the best players in the Sikeston area, Blake DeWitt and Jacob Priday, he would've won the state tournament and that's in Class 5-A. Just look at the talent pool. If Kevin Self had stayed at Scott County Central I don't think he would have won 50 games. Come on, get your facts straight.

I was calling about Steve Williams being a consideration for the best high school coach. He has something that none of the coaches that I think I saw in there have, a state tournament championship team. That's something that Sikeston doesn't even have.

I agree with the woman in Farmington. Her son isn't any more guilty than the kids who made his life miserable by making fun of him. The kids should be punished also for the acts of cruelty shown to him. The teachers as well as the parents do nothing until someone gets angry by other peoples acts of cruelty and then oh boy, do the sparks fly then.

The article in the paper by David Jenkins about the rodeo should never have been printed. Obviously he's not a rodeo fan, but the Jaycees work for us the year round and the revenue they bring in is put to good use with all they donate to local charities. Some people do enjoy the rodeo and they know they do need to bring along a can of Off!. In my opinion Mr. Jenkins needs to give the Jaycees a great big apology.

- - -

David Jenkins, thank you for not bashing the rodeo. This is a Sikeston Jaycee. I appreciate your column. Enjoy your poker tournament and Terri Clark will not need you as a body guard.

The column was just a bit of sarcasm and did not say one negative word about the Jaycees, unless they have something to do with the Southeast Missouri mosquitoes.

I tell you, I wish people would wake up and smell the coffee. Every time it's election time, Bush get something planned, saying we've been under a terrorist attack. Tony Blair, I don't care what you say, they plotted all of this just so they could keep the Republicans in. Now if you don't fight them over there you have to fight them over here he's always saying. It's getting old and sick and I don't believe that idea. I am a Republican but I'm sick of the way the Republicans are doing the low-income people and taking away from the handicapped and elderly. I will never vote Republican again and I don't believe a word Bush says.