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Speakout 10/8

Sunday, October 8, 2006

It is quite apparent to me that many of the working middle class have not idea what Democrats have done for them. They have made a whole new class called the welfare dependent, no I'm never going to work, you owe me so take care of me and my five children. Democrats keep introducing more bills for this government class while the working low middle class does without education assistance and medical care. Democrats love to give this class big tax refunds although they pay nothing in. You, the hard working taxpayer are paying for fringe benefits for this class the Dems created. The Democrats want to keep bringing in more aliens to take jobs that this class should be made to take. For some reason President Bush has even sided with the Dems on the illegal alien problems. The Dems want them pardoned and the way cleared for more. I was a Democrat until about 2 years ago when I realized that they have done nothing for me. Why should I support a party that has absolutely done nothing for anyone but their created class of non-working dependents and their radical agenda? I had rather give it to someone that works. Years and years ago the Democrats were considered the party that cared for the middle class. Now their agenda is gay marriage, abortion, taking prayer from schools and public places and giving to the non-working class. They have worked to take away my rights and gone so far left that I can't imagine supporting their agenda. I may not agree with the way President Bush has handled a lot of things but he did not create this problem and I hope whom ever takes his place will stand firm on terror. All you have to do is get on the Internet and check the way your favorite politician has voted on issues and vote the way your conscience leads you. You have to pick what issues mean the most to you and your beliefs. So don't blame Republicans because you are paying for health care for someone else so they can abuse the system that in turn jacks up the cost of health care for everyone else. Don't blame Republicans for paying high taxes so Dems can give big refund checks to people that don't pay in the amount they get back. When your religious rights have been take away, don't blame Republicans. If you ever see that this country has totally changed the meaning of marriage, it won't be the Republicans that do it. Me, I won't sell my soul to the devil. Guess I will just vote for the lesser of two evils.

I would like to answer the person who wrote in about Social Security and you don't have to pay for Medicare. I worked for 35 years and when I worked, I didn't make that much. I draw Social Security and I pay for my Medicare every month. I also have to pay for supplemental insurance. So don't say that it's free, I earned it.

If there's anybody out there that has a piano that they don't want anymore, fairly cheap, not too expensive, please put your number in SpeakOut.

If ole Carter was so honest, how come he said we would be completely out of oil by 1988? Ole Carter is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Hey Mike, just curious why you let people run for sale or want ads in your SpeakOut column costing yourself money, even if it is $5?