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Speakout 9/10

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I just read in the SpeakOut where in 1968 Morehouse voted to go into the Sikeston School District. Morehouse and Sikeston both voted and Morehouse didn't have enough voters to beat them, so Sikeston sucked them in because they wanted the tax money. That's how it happened. Morehouse had a chance earlier to go in with Gray Ridge. They should have taken that then the kids would have been in the Richland School system like they were. The reason they don't send their kids to Sikeston is the Morehouse kids that go to Sikeston are treated like dogs. They are not given parts in anything. They have a chance at Richland. They certainly don't have it at Sikeston. Sikeston is a lousy school for a kid from Morehouse to have to go to.

We strongly disagree and can prove our point.

Why do they have so many commercials on Channel 12 and channel TV? Seems like you get interested in a program and they've got to have four or five commercials right in a row. I wish they would quit having so many commercials and let the show go on. Have a nice day and I hope everybody will agree with me and vote to not have so many commercials on TV anymore.

On some issues, we can't vote. This is one.

This is to the Drury Family Inc. that is tearing down the old Ramada Inn. That is the best swimming pool in any hotel in Missouri. I'm hoping that you will remember that when you build your new one and build it the same as that one. That is the best swimming pool there is and we go there every year just to be able to swim. I'd appreciate it if you would keep the pool the same.

For those of you who gripe continuously about farmers being subsidized, I would like for you to get some to read the two paragraphs at the end of these comments and perhaps you will realize that the Government check, that you are no doubt getting, wouldn't go very far toward buying groceries if we were to become dependent on foreign countries for our food supply. Look at oil and gas prices. If you doubt the following figures, check with the USDA. By the way the USDA is the same source that you quoted when you are complaining with a full stomach 1. In 2004, U.S. consumers spent 4 percent of their income for food, the world average was 15 percent. We saved $360 billion. USDA payments to farmers and school lunch programs etc. totaled $13 billion. 2. In 2005, U.S. consumers spent 9.7 percent of their income for food. The world average was 13.7 percent. USDA payments in 2005 were $17 billion and we saved $331.2 billion. Think about the above. Without subsidies we can't make enough to afford the bare necessities.

Could someone tell me what could be done about neighbors who everyday let their beagles run loose in rampage in our neighborhood? This summer it was a big problem with the dogs leaving excrement in our yard. Animal control officers were called several times. They never picked the dogs up because the owners always called the dogs back in before the officers arrived on the scene. Now everyday when they get home from work, they let the dogs loose and they run the neighborhood all over the place until dark. The entire street is fed up with picking up the dog's excrement out of our yards. Please advise.