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Hills takes first place at Sikeston Drag Strip

Friday, September 8, 2006

Track owner Ray Poirer congratulates Linden Hills on taking first in the Super Pro class at the Sikeston Drag Strip
(Submitted photo)
SIKESTON -- Here are the results from Saturday's Sikeston Drag Strip.

Junior Dragster Class

1st Place - Tracy Armer Kevil, KY DI - 12.91 ET - 13.004 MPH - 48.96 RT - .636

2nd Place - Ryan Armer Kevil, KY DI - 13.16 ET - 13.278 MPH - 49.72 RT - .866

Trophy Class

1st Place - JP Dyson Festus, MO DI - 11.28 ET - 11.346 MPH - 61.39 RT - .530

2nd Place - Kyle Allardin Bandana, KY DI - 9.54 ET - 9.710 MPH - 73.31 RT - .685

For the second straight week in a row Kyle Allardin raced his way into the Trophy Class final. Talk about being one tough driver. However, on Saturday night Kyle faced off against JP Dyson, who is one tough contender, whether he's driving his truck or in his car, he can be one tough driver. JP got the spot by almost 2 seconds and took advantage of it, cutting a stellar .530 light. Kyle was unable to better JP's light when his side of the tree came down. As Kyle chased down JP, it seemed as if he may come across the finish line first, but he ran out of real-estate, allowing JP to take the victory. Congratulations to JP Dyson on his Trophy Class victory.

ET Class

1st Place - Donnie Little Paducah, KY DI - 7.90 ET - 7.961 MPH - 85.55 RT - .569

2nd Place - Dave Slayden Diehlstadt, MO DI - 7.48 ET - 7.500 MPH - 90.76 RT - .455

The ET Class final this week featured two tough drivers in the ET Class. It also was the first time in a month that Ronnie Overstreet was not in it. Donnie Little and Dave Slayden were able to knock out the heavy hitters in the ET Class to make it to the final on Saturday night. The race was set up to be a good one, as both cars were dialed fairly close to each other, under a half-second difference. Donnie got the small spot and cut a good light to get going down the track. Dave, however, went red when his side of the tree came down and instantly ended his shot at winning the race. With the red light by Dave, Donnie was able to make the trip back down track and into the Winner's Circle. Congratulations to Donnie Little on his ET Class victory.

Pro Class

1st Place -Barclay Schmidt Imperial, MO DI - 6.54 ET - 6.491 MPH - 105.88 RT - .485

2nd Place - Brian Bickings Oran, MO DI - 7.29 ET - 13.420 MPH - 24.15 RT - .460

As we moved along in the program to the Pro Class, we saw a final featuring two tough-to-beat drivers. When they bring their game, they do not let up for anyone. Barclay Schmidt and Brian Bickings are two drivers who can take out anyone at any given time, and they set up one tough final. Brian got the spot by just over a half-second over Barclay. However, Brian goes red before the race can ever really get started. Seeing the red, he shut off just past the start line and coasted through the lights. Barclay ran his car out, breaking out, but with the red by Brian, he was able to come back down the track for a picture in the Winner's Circle. Congratulations to Barclay Schmidt on his Pro Class victory.

Super Pro Class

1st Place - Linden Hills Fremont, MO DI - 5.23 ET - 5.230 PH - 132.82 RT - .532

2nd Place - Scott Tiffany Blytheville, AR DI - 5.78 ET - 5.788 MPH - 121.29 RT - .465

The final race of the night featured a pair of drivers who were on their game Saturday night. Linden Hills and Scott Tiffany set up a final that would be too close to call, as both drivers were knocking out the big guys throughout the course of the night. Scott had just over a half-second spot off the starting line over Linden. However, same as in the Pro Class final, Scott and his wheel-standing Camaro went red, allowing Linden to take advantage of the mistake and win the race, closing the gap between him and points leader Mark Buttrum. At the far end, Linden went dead on his dial-in, another impressive feat of consistency. Congratulations to Linden Hills on his Super Pro Class victory.

Sunday September 3rd All Pontiac Race

The Pontiacs thundered into Sikeston Drag Strip with a pretty good turnout for the first shot at the event. There were many eye-catching beauties in the car show, as well as some impressive race cars. All of the cars were true, Pontiac powered automobiles driven by people from all over the United States. With the turnout, talks are set up for another event next year. Here's how the races ended up.

Fast Four

1st Place - Mike Cooper El Dorado, KS ET - 5.157 MPH - 144.60 RT - .492

2nd Place - Scott Barton Sullivan, MO ET - 6.081 MPH - 111.63 RT - .647

Four cars qualified for this event (hence the name Fast Four) with the blown alcohol Pro Mod driven by Mike Cooper taking the No. 1 spot. His opponent in the final was Scott Barton, hoping to cut the tree and get a quick jump on Mike to make up for the difference in horsepower. However, Scott was unable to and Mike took the win from the get-go. Congratulations to Mike Cooper.

Trophy Class

1st Place - Brian Jones East Prairie, MO DI- 8.70 ET - 8.729 MPH - 82.88 RT - .608

2nd Place - Ernie Keppler Riverton, IL DI - 7.70 ET - 7.695 MPH - 82.82 RT - .617

ET Class

1st Place - Jeff "Ice Man" Koenig Perryville, MO DI - 7.15 ET - 7.217 MPH - 96.15 RT - .505

2nd Place - Terry Wagner Marquand, MO DI - 8.80 ET - 8.833 MPH - 79.28 RT - .845

Pro Class

1st Place -Tom Wilhite Derby, KS DI - 6.42 ET - 6.394 MPH - 109.51 RT - .502

2nd Place - Ron Beach, Sr. Sparta, IL DI - 7.57 ET - 7.567 MPH - 89.98 RT - .487

Super Pro Class

1st Place - Dale Kelso Murphysboro, IL DI - 6.15 ET - 6.150 MPH - 110.37 RT - .519

2nd Place - Danny Estep Royalton, IL DI - 6.01 ET - 6.029 MPH - 111.69 RT - .500

Thanks to all that came out to race and watch at the Sikeston Drag Strip. Don't forget, Test n Tune is now on Friday nights from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. Also, you can still sign up for the points race at the ticket booth on the pit side. Congratulations to all of our winners from this week and we hope to see you all next week at the Sikeston Drag Strip. Don't forget to find us on the web at http://www.sikestondragstrip.net