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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

Speakout 8/11

Friday, August 11, 2006

We found a toolbox Friday evening on the corner of Murray Lane and Dempster. If you lost it, leave your name and phone number in SpeakOut and identify it and the contents it had, and we will get in touch with you.

Is there anybody in the Sikeston-Miner area that works on push lawn mowers?

I'd like to make a little comment about the sicko that keeps calling in saying that all the inmates are guilty and we know better than that. I would like to tell him I am sick of you who think all inmates are killers and have no love for anyone. That's where you belong because you sound like you have no love and care for anybody.

This is to the person or persons who have jealousy and anger toward the farmers in southeast Missouri. Agriculture makes up a large portion of the economy in this area, and if you took that away there could be devastating results to the communities around here. I don't see massive businesses and factories dotting the landscape around here, do you? As far as taxes go, the farmer has to pay more in personal property tax than most. It is also the only business that we cannot control the price of our products that are sold. The market controls that, and in some cases the prices for some crops are the same as the were 20-30 years ago. Diesel, chemicals and equipment have gone up a great deal. For the most part farmers are good, hard working people trying to make a living just like people in other professions. I'm sure there are exceptions, but that is like everything else. Maybe the person or persons should consider moving to the city or other area of the country. Of course I'm sure they would find another group of people to harp on and concentrate their jealousy toward.

All the vehicles I see driving around with the stickers that say No Farmers, No Food, I was just wondering where I might buy a sticker that said No Subsidies, No Farmers. Without the subsidies there would be no farmers.