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Speakout 9/8

Friday, September 8, 2006

Call 471-6636

I'd like to know if anybody out there could tell me where a person could get a real good used car for a low down payment that's on a fixed income? Credit is not all that good. $500 or $600 down payment. Please put it in SpeakOut.

I'm calling about the article that was in Monday's paper, on page 14, that should have been on page 1. The principal in Hammond, Ind. that sent 128 students home for inappropriate clothing, sloppiness and graphic T-shirts and cell phones stuck to their ears should be applauded and backed 100 percent by the school board. Most, but not all kids in this day and time, are disgusting. I am glad that some teachers and principals are taking action to change the dress code and behavior of students today.

Governor Blunt's latest scheme to raise money for the Republicans to spend some political capital requires MOHELA, the state agency which finances student loans, to sell enough student loans to banks and lending institutions to make a $350 million profit that the Republicans can give away and make people love them. If there is that much profit in the state lending money to kids going to college, why not loan it to them cheaper and reduce the citizen's cost of sending their children to college?

I'm responding to Have it your way, the graduate of 2005 failed to add to her commentary that she and her grandmother tried to fraud the Social Security office by playing sick for the last two years. Her grandmother told her she better not act like she was better to work. She only went out to work after her disability case was denied. Now all of a sudden she wants a job after she is not going to get any free money. Well honey, you know what, that is fraud. Defrauding the government is a fraud. If you are going to tell it, you better tell it like it is. There's two sides to every story.

Blame it on Hollywood about murders because of shows like CSI Miami? And they want to have shows like Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel come back? I grew up on those shows and I remember when someone didn't like something they pulled out a gun and shot you. So what is the difference except you have a higher-powered gun?

Mike, I would like to thank the employees and physicians of Ferguson Medical Group and Sikeston Nutrition Center for the nice new fan they brought to me Aug. 28. You are very nice people. May God bless you all.

Why is it that America is the only country that hands out free medical cards, housing and checks to any foreigner that wants it? If we went to a foreign country and asked for this we would probably be shot on the spot, no questions asked. Mike's commentary on the Mexicans not being cheap was exactly right. I think it goes for all the foreigners here.