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News goes on but without me, for now

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

As odd as this may sound, I have intentionally not read a newspaper for one full week. Granted, in my profession this is far from usual. As I continue my sojourn through the western part of this country, I have tried my best to ignore current events. In my adult life, I cannot recall another paperless week. Not ever.

I have no clue what has transpired in world events. I have ignored my beloved Cardinals and I can only assume the economy remains robust. I have not read one word about Paris Hilton and haven't missed it either.

But a strange thing happens when you ignore a daily dose of the news. You overhear bits and pieces of conversation and you find yourself interrupting total strangers to ask about some issue they were discussing in current events. Without that daily dose of news, you are most certainly isolated. And clueless. To some, and that may include myself from time to time, that isolation isn't all bad.

I have also shunned news on television and radio as well. But it's the printed word that I have truly missed the most. No doubt about it.

Now this may sound self-serving since we try to sell newspapers every day. But I strongly suspect were I in a different profession, I would still miss that daily dose of news.

But a funny thing happened today. I finally broke my self-imposed news blackout and tuned in briefly to a television news show. Turns out that little has happened apparently during my abstinence from the news. Iran is still a scary force and the war in Iraq wages on. The economy has changed little and apparently Paris Hilton is still being Paris Hilton.

And I still don't care!

I have vowed to begin my morning tomorrow with a strong cup of coffee and a morning newspaper. I'm sure I can play catch-up in short order. But in the back of my mind, I'll wonder what small, obscure pieces of news I'll never see because of my absence from the daily grind. I guess I'll never know.

When I make my way back to Southeast Missouri, I'll grab a handful of newspapers and catch-up on the local news. To some that may be a bore. To me, it will officially mark a return to home. I guess that's just the ink in my blood.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen