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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 6/15

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What I don't understand about the monkey deal is why are they being kept in the household? Monkeys aren't pets. They are wild animals. The monkeys deserve to be in their natural habitat. They're attacking people and everything else. Don't these people with monkeys understand? Monkeys aren't house pets! They're wild animals.

Just a little response to the Democrats who keep calling in about immigration and keep saying that it is all Bush's fault. Just like for them to understand that WE all understand what their point is. It doesn't matter what the issue is, they are going to twist everything that is bad to make it look like Bush alone is who is doing it. They need to know that we realize that every Democrat in Washington D.C. is for immigration more so than Bush is. Bush is just as guilty, I don't like what he is doing, don't like his stance. But at least Democrats, reach down and find some character somewhere and stand up for what's right and oppose everybody, be it Bush or Democrat, Congressman or Democrat candidate. If they're wrong, they're wrong. You can't lay it on Bush. It wouldn't be an issue we were concerned about if every Democrat in Congress was not for illegal immigration. So let's get that straight. You're not fooling anybody. Let's stand together and stand for what's right and quit these silly games. Quit trying to pin the tail on Bush. He's out of there in another two years, he's not even in an issue anymore. It's the people in Congress that effect what goes on on our borders, not one man in the White House. Get behind what's right and quit playing the games.

This is on the issue about David Jenkins about the Bullets on the Sikeston team. I'm with you a 100 percent on the Sikeston Bulls. I've been to ball games here and I tell you, they're playing good ball. You don't have to wait in line like you do in St. Louis. Spending $35 for a cheap seat. When the Bulls are not in town, my wife and I go and see the Memphis Redbirds. $9 for a box seat and you see the pros down there. For local fun and something to do besides watch the grass grow, Sikeston Bulls is the thing to do. They're here for two months, unfortunately they'll have to go back to school. But at least we'll have something to do on the weekends instead of listening to everybody crying about there's nothing to do. Cheap fee to get in the gate and you can meet some new people from around the area. That's what me and my wife do. So David Jenkins, I agree with your assessment on the Bullets on the team. I support them all weekend. As Jack Buck says, "That's a winner."