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Speakout 8/16

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I would like to speak out about the recent election. I would like to start out by thanking Judge Mann for his many years of service to our area. I know that he has a good reputation of keeping order in the court room and that he does a pretty good job. I think the voters have spoken and it is time for a change. I know that after many years in the same job, he has forged many relationships and long-term alliances and I truly think that it is a healthy thing for these to change ever so often. I'd like to congratulate the new Judge Horman on his win in the election and I want to encourage him to be orderly in the running of the court and I hope he will let justice prevail. Those that ran for office and lost, I want to remind them that if it really meant a lot to you, keep in mind if you get up one more time then you're not down. That's success. If you lost this time, don't give up.

I live just south of Bertrand out in the country. We are the only house on the road so we don't get much traffic except for farmers, but one thing we always seem to have is stray dogs. In June alone, found six puppies, five of which were five or six weeks old, dumped off in a pet carrier and left to die. The other was about four or five months old and was so skinny you could see his tail bone. This morning we walked out of the house and there were three puppies about seven or eight months old all skinny and pitiful looking. It absolutely infuriates me and bewilders me to know there are people capable of this kind of cruelty. Come on people. Dogs and cats are living, breathing things. They feel pain and hunger just as you do. I've contacted the cops and humane society asking what can be done, but the answer is always, "Take them to the shelter in Sikeston." Do you know how many animals have to be put down because they are over-crowded? Do those animals deserve that? No, I think the animals laws in our area need to be enforced a lot stronger with stiffer penalties and maybe, just maybe this problem could be controlled.

I'm calling from the south end in Morehouse. I went to the deli this morning and talked and had a good visit and went out and got my gas can filled up to mow. I set it on the carport before I could start mowing to get other things done. When I went out my gas can was still there full of gas, but my lawn mower had disappeared. To the one that came and borrowed my lawn mower, if you are doing community to work to help people, that's okay. If you just took it to try and sell it, please bring it back.

I hope all Governor Blunt's teeth fall out. After all, you took dental care away from my child. I just think it's terrible. I don't know how he lives with himself. The child is mentally handicapped at that. Like I said, his time is coming and he's going to face the big Judge for doing this to people one day.

I was calling about Steve Williams being a consideration for the best high school coach. He has something that none of the coaches that I think I saw in there have, a state tournament championship team. That's something that Sikeston doesn't even have.