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Speakout 4/16

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I wanted to call in and properly say Thank you to the editorial staff of the newspaper for refusing and declining to publish any part of my previous SpeakOut messages and helping to reelect the old administration back to Miner. I understand your motivation for it as the turmoil caused Miner to be on the front page of the newspaper with some kind of fiasco to sell newspapers for you. Never mind what is right. Let's just sell newspapers.

I'd like to respond to the article in SpeakOut about Foodstamp Freeloaders. I got news for you. I'm 48-years old, I'm a type II diabetic and I live in Sikeston. I get $91 worth of food stamps. I don't drink and I don't smoke and I don't do drugs. You need to keep your opinion to yourself. There are people who get food stamps and it's none of your business. The only thing I agree with you on is that the people who can work, need to work. People like me who are disabled, need those benefits.

If you don't want to go to a garage sale at 8 a.m. or before, why don't you keep your tail at home? I noticed that the caller specifically mentioned church organizations. Well honey, let me tell you something, you don't need to go to a garage sale for a church, you need to go to a church service. That is, if it's not before 8 o'clock.

This is in response to Love thy neighbor article. This person wants to know where it states in the Bible that a woman cannot have an abortion and must be forced to bear a child she does not want. Exodus 20, the seventh commandment plainly states, "Thou shalt not kill." When a child is conceived, doesn't matter when in that conception the birth part, that child is alive. Jesus does not want any body controlling any body. He gave us free will. Abortion is murder.

This is about President Bush. I'm irritated with Bush. These gas prices jumping nine cents every two days, that's ridiculous. We're dependent on the oil over there and the reason we are dependent is because the Republicans made us dependent years and years ago. I'm tired of you durn Republicans blaming the Democrats. I've never made a penny off the Republicans. I made a million off the Democrats and I never cheated them out of one penny. I never lied about one penny I made to the government like you Republicans do. Michael Jensen, that goes for you too. And I know after hearing that, you won't put it in there, but I know that all of y'all need out of office and you need out of the Standard-Democrat.

I'm a Democrat and I'm about to become a Republican. I am sick and tired of these lazy good-for-nothing mothers, sitting back and waiting on their once-

a-month welfare check so they can go and get their hair did and their nails did and buy them some drugs and alcohol while their kids go to school looking neglected and mistreated. They never have on a decent pair of shoes, their toes are cold when it snows and all they do with their check is look good for men so they can have them some mo' babies to get some mo' tax money out of my hard earned check to support their habit. The children I don't mind taking care of. If I had a house big enough, I wouldn't mind getting all of them and love them and raise them the proper way. I say to heck with these welfare receiving nail getting done mothers. Let them work. Put these children in a home where they can get love and an education.

This is to the lady who said there was nothing in the Bible about abortions. What she really needs to do is break it open and read it. Start with Exodus 21:

22-25; Hosea 9:14; Job 3:16; Psalms 29:9; and Corinthians I 15:8. And let me tell you something from us parents who have lost children, we would gladly take those children. We didn't go out and slaughter our children. There is also a scripture that is in the Bible that says, "I knew you before I hung the stars." He knew that baby you killed. You better hope to God that He doesn't return until you get in to your Bible and you find out the Truth. Watch what you ask for, you just may get it. Standing in front of the judgment seat is one place you don't want to be if you promote killing children. Life does begin at conception. For all you people who don't think it's right for SpeakOut to let us speak out because we do believe in God, don't blame them. You opened this can of worms.