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SpeakOut 6/6

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I seen on the news where they were trying to raise minimum wage up to $6.50 an hour but it should be $7. Something has got to break with the working class people.

You almost have to be dead before you can see a doctor these days. It's not like it was back in Laura Ingall's days in "Little House on the Prairie" when the doctor came out to your house. He was there immediately, day or night, snow or rain, whatever. Now days, you have to work yourself in and you may have to wait two or three days to see him. Sometimes he only works two or three days a week and then he has a whole office full of people. What one nurse used to do in the office half a dozen people are doing, two or three nurses and four or five secretaries. They were a lot cheaper back then and they knew what they were doing. I think we need to go back to the old days.

If you really think about it, many of the "good old days" weren't really that good.

This is in comment to the article on Board of Probation and Parole. Well, if you are not on probation are parole it is none of your business whether they are called in for a UA or not. If they're not on it they should keep their mouths shut.

Those boos that Barry Bonds are hearing at the stadiums around the country are not screams of prejudice. It's not because he is a black man chasing history. For God's sake, it's a black man's record he is chasing. It's because he has used a drug, or drugs, to achieve a goal that we sports fans feel to be sacred in our world. It's a history that has been left to us for decades and we do not want any man, black or white, to take away the pureness of the game that we grew up playing and loving. If Barry Bonds knew that what he was putting in his body would have given baseball this controversial opinion, I do not think he would of done it. Yet he would only have a few hundred home runs. It is not black and white. It's humans versus humans. I did not care that Hank Aaron was black, but I was proud that he accomplished what he did without the use of a drug. This time in baseball history, not only with Bonds, but with McGwire as well, will be looked on for many years to come as the "steroid" years. Let's hope that someone comes along to break all those records with testing in place. Barry might as well go home now, his record means nothing.

I would like for someone to please put in to SpeakOut the recipe for old fashioned chocolate cake icing that my mother used to cook in an iron skillet. It sure is better than the icing we buy in cans.

I am amazed at the quick decisions the officers made concerning the lady that was stabbed at Wal-Mart. They made it sound like the suspect had every right there with the knife and the lady had none. And do you have to have a motive to stab someone in the back? But maybe the suspect had their butt spanked as a baby. At the wrong place at the wrong time? Come on.

I just read John McMillen's letter to the editor. What is with John McMillen criticizing George Bush over immigration? Has John had a brain freeze? Does he realize that our president wants to allow all the illegals here in the country to become legal?