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Speakout 4/18

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am a working single mother of two. I do not get government aid. I am not in public housing or Section 8. I would like to ask some of the mothers or parents who are, how do you go about getting those 2000 year vehicles that you are driving? You know you ride through the projects and you are driving 2005 vehicles sitting on 18-inch rims. I'm just wondering if the government is paying your rent, or they paying your truck note too? Just curious.

The doctors and hospitals are taking Medicare and Medicaid to the cleaners. Do you think Blunt and Bush care about the doctor or medicine bills? Blunt is cutting everything but what should be cut. Just look at the new Medicare. How can anyone mess up like the people in Washington? I know just about everyone has been in a nursing home to visit someone. You ever notice everyone is just laying around like a dead person? Do you know why? It is because they have the people doped up so they don't have to put up with them. I know one person in there, he is on eight different mood pills. They are charging Medicare and Medicaid for these pills. He shouldn't be taking but one pill for his memory. One doctor gave him a memory test. It took him five minutes. He charged the system almost $900. Write your congressmen and senators. It probably won't don't any good because they don't pay anything for their health care.

Have you noticed the gas prices? How can any one company make $39 billion in one year? The people in the stock market that bid on the oil prices probably own most of the stock. Bush is not going to do anything because he is in the oil industry. He said here not long ago to conserve energy. Look at all the gas he burned in 2004 flying to all states once or more trying to get votes. He thinks flying overseas is like us going to Wal-Mart. Look at fuel bill for a year. There probably would not be a shortage if it wasn't for him. He needs to drive a car and save energy. We need to write our Congressmen and raise cane.

A local cable company's prices are getting way out of hand. Everytime you turn around, another raise in your bill. The channels they offer you, 10-20, people don't watch them. Everybody that works for them drives a truck home and that's not right. Look at all the gas they burn. They should drive their own car to work and go from there. They drive them when they are not working to the store, ballpark and wherever they want to. Look at the money they could save on gas and take off our bills. You should be able to choose the channels you want, not what they want to give you. Everyone should get a dish network and wake them up or get another cable company to come to town.

My name is Steve Pobst and I just wanted to thank you to the voters who voted for me in the Scott County Central School board election. It was very nice to meet those of you I met while campaigning. I will continue to do my best to help make the decisions for our school while on the board.