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Speakout 9/6

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

A bunch of us ladies that live here all got together and were trying to get the words to Old Dan Tucker. So if anyone has the words, put them in SpeakOut. We sure would appreciate it.

Go to: www.fifedrum.org/wynfm/olddantucker.html

I really enjoyed the performance by Trace Adkins at the rodeo on August 9th. I was very disappointed to see his name misspelled all over your newspaper on Sunday, August 13th. People, do your homework. I hope Trace didn't see that. He probably wouldn't come back to Sikeston again if he did.

Mike, I agree with your editorial on illegal immigration. Pat Buchanan can be a little extreme at times, but I think he is right on the money when it comes to this issue. It took a lot of guts to agree that your vote for George Bush was a mistake. I just wished that you had come to that conclusion, and the other Bush supporters in the area had come to that conclusion, before we had been saddled with the worst president in history. I have no doubt he will go down in the history books as the worst president we have ever had. I just hope we can survive the next few years.

I'd like to know why that stupid mayor of New Orleans is still playing the race card about Katrina when it's very obvious to even sensible black people he's the one that failed miserably to get the people out. Over 1,000 buses sat there to get people out and he didn't even use them. They were warned long in advance about this happening and nothing was done. It is so stupid to blame President Bush when he warned them to evacuate 5 days before and they knew it was coming and they didn't even try. Next thing, he'll be blamed for making hurricanes. That dam should have been improved years ago. Maybe worthless Willy could have done that. Maybe the chocolate mayor and his chocolate city, as he described it, can come up with a great plan before it happens again. Don't they realize a number of white people lost their things too? And do you hear them whining? No, they try to help themselves. I think we are sick and tired of hearing the race card and all you do is make it worse.

To all of you who vote for all of these presidents and governors who are for foreign trade. Well I'll tell you one thing, people in their 40's and 50's are really paying for it. We lose our jobs due to imports. We have to start over after working 20 or 30 years. I think that is pretty low of our presidents and governors. About all there is is working in nursing homes and home health services and they don't pay nothing. You have no time off and it's a really sad thing. You have to start out at minimum wage when you were making $9-$11 an hour. I'm talking for myself and most people that are in my shoes. It's a good thing they can't ship home health care workers from overseas or we wouldn't have a job at all.

Mike, it is finally your turn to hit the jackpot. I think it is you, Mike Jensen, should immediately start putting in a dairy farm. You could build it right next to the new ethanol plant and you could use the distiller's grain that is left over from the ethanol plant to feed your dairy cattle. After you feed the dairy cattle, you sell the milk to the ice cream factory and you sell the manure to local corn farmers. You could make so much money you would never even have to think of a newspaper again!

I'm calling about the man who takes down satellites. I still have one that needs taken down and it's a ground satellite. My number is 471-7376.