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Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016

Speakout 8/31

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just wanted to let the guys know who fixed the roads in the intersection of School and W. Gladys, you need to come back and try again. Whenever you drive down School you have to go really slow because if you don't you will mess your car up. The road is smooth right in the middle of the intersection but where the old part meets up with the new part, it is really bad. So, someone needs to come and check that out.

To all the whiners crying about school lunches. Try reading a menu sometime. Looks like more than a few vegetables are on the plates. Monday 8/21- Chicken Patty on bun, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans; Tuesday 8/22- Pizza, tossed salad/dressing, chilled pineapples, graham crackers; Wednesday 8/23- Spaghetti/meat sauce, garlic toast, mixed vegetables, chilled peaches; Thursday 8/24- Corn dog, oven potatoes, fresh fruit, goldfish crackers; Friday 8/25- Fish sandwich, mac & cheese, tossed salad/dressing, cookie; Monday 8/28- Beef-a-roni, garlic bread, seasoned corn, chilled peaches; Tuesday 8/29- Chicken patty on bun, mac & cheese, carrots/ranch; Wednesday 8/30- Nachos, fresh broccoli/ranch, fresh apple, animal crackers; Thursday 8/31-Chicken & noodles, tossed salad/dressing, orange wedges.

This is in response to Made in China. I am not a farmer or a teacher, but I do know that teachers do not get paid a whole lot of money for the job that have to do in teaching our children to become good citizens of the community. I think you need to take a little step back and maybe visit a classroom sometime and see just exactly what the teachers have to put up with because they are really dealing with your unruly children.

I'm just calling on minimum wage. If minimum wage goes up, prices go up. It's a natural. Businesses do no have the built-in factor, especially the small businesses, the service factor to take the minimum wage. There's not a pot of gold back in the back room. Basically people make more an hour but they pay for it. People on a fixed income do not get an increase in income to cover the higher prices.