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Speakout 10/11

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Misleading and outright false political rhetoric applicating repeal of the estate tax or so called death tax for the benefit of family farmers and small businesses is the heighth of hypocrisy. It is a great disservice to rural America. Instead of helping family farmers and small businesses, the benefits would go to a bare handful of farming empires and super wealthy. In fact, outright repeal of the estate tax would expose family farmers and small businesses to other tax increases to make up for the shortfalls of total tax revenue. Loss of tax revenues have to be made up in one area or another. This is why local cities and counties are going more and more to sales taxes of one kind or another. If politicians want to cut taxes, why don't they advocate repeal of taxes on groceries, utilities and other basic necessities that plague the less fortunate and the working middle class? Federal tax cuts are forcing the middle class to pay the tax bills of the super wealthy. Why worry about the repeal of the estate taxes on billions of Bill Gates and the like? No doubt their heirs and millions could survive without repeal of the estate tax. However some politicians seem to think otherwise.

This is for the person who called in about Jimmy Carter having to deal with a Republican Congress. Jimmy Carter was a Democrat. The majority leaders in the Senate were Democrats and the Speakers of the House were Democrats because they had the majority on all three legislative branches including the presidency. It wasn't because he dealt with a Republican Congress. Everybody has to do that. The Democrats were in charge. They failed. And Ford Motor Company laying off workers? Hey, that's their fault, they don't care what they do. It's not due to the President. Unemployment is lower, it's not higher. Read up on your facts before you shoot your mouth off.

I received a letter a day under the name of Urgent Notification and it wants me to send $12.78 to this place in Texas, I think. They want to give me a Bell and Howell 35 mm focus free camera, including 26 mm optical lens, lens cover, film counter and all the good things. It's got to be a scam of some sort. For the $12.78 and $1 for shipping and handling to a place in Carlton, Texas. BMI Company. I don't think it's a legitimate deal.

The thing I can remember about Jimmy Carter is that he gave away the Panama Canal that people died and blood and sweat for. And he put the speed limit on, said we was out of fuel. Poor ole boy didn't know how to handle things, didn't know how to delegate authority.

I always thought Jimmy Carter was a lousy president, but I always thought he was a good and decent man. His actions of the past few years have changed my mind about that and I think he is a despicable person and borders on being a traitor.

I'd like to speak out about manners, not just the manners of very young children but the manners of adults. We expect our children to have manners, but we constantly interrupt each other, we cut each other off in different points in line and traffic and things like that. If we don't use good manners how do we expect our kids to follow our example? I think if we continue to expect good things from our kids we have to start seeing good things in each other first. If everybody starts being a little bit more respectful to each other, adults and children, then the world is going to just be a better place.