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What me worry? You better believe I do

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I devote some time each and every day to worrying. I am not alone. You do it too. I am not obsessed with my worrying; in fact, I may actually worry less than most.

So today, I am torn between a number of issues. Should I worry about gasoline prices which are expected to hit record levels this summer or should I worry about the war in Iraq that has lasted far longer than expected? Should I worry about the war on methamphetamine which I believe we're losing or should I focus my worries on the sticky question of illegal immigration?

Maybe I'll take a break and worry about the sad state of affairs in baseball with the topic of steroids an ever-present issue in the background or perhaps I'll tackle more weighty topics and wonder if our President approved the leak of sensitive national security topics to a newspaper reporter.

Oh sure, I could worry about two upcoming weddings in the family or worry about business with a stale retail economy in our region. Heck, I could even take time to read about global warming and wonder if our rash of dangerous weather here is somehow related. But I'm primed for more meaty issues today.

Our state legislator said Tuesday we should worry about bullying in our public schools but somehow, that doesn't get my juices flowing. I'll simply let someone else worry about that.

I read in this newspaper Monday that I should be worrying about the homeless and the hungry in our region. So now I have to worry about planting an extra row of garden stuff to give to the hungry.

Last week I even worried about the high school math and science building until someone pointed out that I should pay more attention and worry less. Good advice!

Just this morning I read an article that says I should worry about Iran developing a nuclear weapon perhaps as early as this summer. Not real sure why I should worry so much about this topic but men wiser than I am believe I should really be very worried. And so, reluctantly I am.

I will definitely take time to worry that the Republicans may be unable to field a candidate to beat Hillary in 2008. And if they are unable, then I will worry about Hillary on so many issues I won't find time to worry about anything else.

The French are still rioting but I'm not worried about that unless it somehow impacts the French bread I buy at the grocery store. Then I'll worry.

I worry a great deal about my paycheck paying for the health care of far too many people who don't worry about it one darned bit. Why should they worry; it's my paycheck.

Actually, I wonder if I should worry about the uninsured not having enough money to afford the gasoline to drive to the emergency room through a protesting throng of illegal immigrants? Nope, that's just too much worry for one man.

Right now, I'm worried about finishing this column so my managing editor won't yell at me. Now that's something to worry about!!!

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen