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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nobody asked me but...it is a sad day at Scott County Central.

Head boys basketball coach David Heeb will be suspended for coaching for one year, and the program will be on a probationary period for three years.

MSHSAA determined that Heeb contacted students and parents at Bell City in an attempt to influence them to enroll at Scott Central for the sole purpose to play sports.

The revelation of this news is not shocking, but sad. Remember folks, we are talking about high school athletics. I have been accused of taking sports too seriously, but this unprecedented news takes the cake.

And now Scott Central is in an absolute mess. I'm not sure what the school's intentions are, whether they are going to ride out this suspension with Heeb or go a different direction.

In my opinion, Heeb did an excellent job this year at SCC taking the Braves to a district title. It was a complete turnaround from the team I saw early in the year. For that, Heeb deserves some credit.

However, the stain of this suspension will not fade and I feel the school and it's reputation has been tarnished beyond repair. Sure, there may be some winning seasons down the road, but will anybody believe it's legit? Just something to think about.

High school athletics is on a slippery slope and someone needs to take a stand. Too much corruption for this level of competition, too much interference from parents and adults and not enough concern about the athletes. Whatever happened to playing with what you got? Whatever happened to building a program with the hand you're dealt?

Recruiting athletes to play is not coaching. That's taking the easy way out. n The good people and supporters of Bell City should be leery of throwing rocks in that glass house of theirs. Things seemed glorious when Heeb was winning state titles for them. I guess what they say on the 'Sopranos' is true, you can never leave the family.

The Bell City program was built on kids that transferred to the school. Nobody can deny that. Apparently, everything was on the up and up and no wrongdoing was ever found. I guess they didn't want Heeb to steal their players to Scott Central. Now they know how other schools feel.

* New Madrid County Central baseball's team is a monster on offense. Up and down the lineup, this team is loaded with gap-style hitters. In five games, the Eagles have scored over 70 runs. Watch out for this club around district time.

* Speaking of high school baseball, it is in need of some fine tuning. Here are some ideas...

1. Please put all baseball fields in close relation to the schools. Enough with the hike across the Gobi Desert to find the park. Usually a gravel road is needed to find these fields.

2. Start the season after daylight savings time.

3. Move the start time back from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

* What is this crap about Cardinal fans being the best in baseball? I get so sick of hearing that year after year. Who rates these things. Well, one publication, 'The Sporting News' does, and they are based out of where? Oh yeah, St. Louis.

I remember the '90's and many empty seats in the lean years. Course fans love to watch and cheer for a winner. What would happen if St. Louis had a couple of losing seasons? What if St. Louis had a perennial losing team such as the Kansas City Royals. I guarantee Busch Stadium would resemble Kaufman Stadium.

I know of one place that fans cheer for their team no matter the records, the northside of Chicago. The Chicago Cubs have the best fans in all baseball, hands down. Regardless of how bad those Cubs are, those fans come out in droves for every game and cheer as if it's the World Series.

* Hey Cardinal fans, how is the sting from being swept by the Cubs?

And finally, nobody asked me but...the NFL is coming close to being overexposed. With games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, the game is straying away from what makes it great, the anticipation of games on Sunday. Add the Monday night game and the NFL had it right.

Plus, the league has game s on five different channels.

It is making my NFL package on DIRECTV less valuable. Yes you're correct, it is all about my needs.