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Speakout 4/7

Friday, April 7, 2006

I just got behind one of your silly drivers here on Ables Road. That silly thing pulled right out in front of me and I almost hit him. If I had time, he would have got a piece of my mind and probably something else. I'm calling and reporting that silly thing.

This is to the county officials that pick the employee insurance plan. Let me tell you, I believe it is the worst plan I have ever seen. Our whole family is on my husband's insurance that works for Scott county. We pay a lot of money each month for our insurance. It's a lot. The insurance is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri which is a very good insurance company. But the plan that the county chose for the employees is not worth a hoot. Last year we took our whole family to get complete physicals because we hadn't ones in a few years. Later we got a big bill from the doctor because we have a plan that won't even pay for physicals. How are the employees supposed to stay in good health if they have sorry plans? Today I went to the doctor and was told I needed to be referred to a specialist. When I called the insurance company I was told what I needed to be seen for was not covered. We pay over $775 a month for insurance. They told me that it would pay for the office visit, but not for what I needed. I can't believe this. There must be a lot of old or sick people up at the county. I have had my whole family on other plans with the same insurance company with several other employees and we have always had the best plans. They were real reasonable as well. I asked who chose the group plans and they told me the employer does. Well Scott County, you need to start thinking more of your employees. I know you are not out much money. Besides, you should let the employees have some say. If we are paying for the insurance, we should be able to use it when we need it. This year the premium went up and you didn't tell us, but the deductible went up as well. It still doesn't pay for hardly anything. We need better insurance.

I'm speaking out to BMB. His comments about there being a place for young people to go in Sikeston, it's the same way in most towns. The reason is, when you do open a place and try to have a respectable place, the undesirables come in and bring drugs and liquor, if not inside, out in the parking lot. The young people are on dope or drunk causing riots or fights. Most people don't want to put up with that. That's why they don't open these establishments. It would be great if the young people would have a good clean place to go and enjoy it, but most of them don't.

Since when it is okay to dump sludge down the street from somebody? I live on Edwards Street. There's a truck that comes down here quite a few times a day and dumps this in our residential neighborhood. Every morning it smells like absolute disgust. If anybody would like to comment on this, please put it in SpeakOut. This needs to be dealt with.