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Wilson takes first in Super Pro at drag strip

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

SIKESTON -- Here are the results from Saturday's Sikeston Drag Strip action.

Junior Dragster Class

1st Place - Brett Castro Sikeston, MO DI - 9.29 ET - 9.249 MPH - 70.32 RT - .701

2nd Place - Ricky Skelton Jr. Sikeston, MO DI - 12.05 ET - 12.071 MPH - 50.16 RT - .465

Two good friends faced off against each other in the Junior Dragster final on Saturday. Bret "Lil Grassman" Castro and Ricky "Lil Possum" Skelton, Jr., were the top of the class.

Brett gave up almost 2 and a half seconds of spot to Ricky.

Both of the drivers had been on the tree very well over the course of the night, but before this one got started, Ricky goes red.

Brett drives his car full on down the track, breaking out in the process, but still getting the win.

Congratulations to Brett Castro on his Junior Dragster Class victory.

Trophy Class

1st Place - Kyle Allardin LaCenter, KY DI - 9.49 ET - 9.603 MPH - 65.21 RT - .514

2nd Place - Keith Roach South Fulton, TN DI - 9.42 ET - 9.541 MPH - 70.76 RT - .806

For the second consecutive week, Kyle Allardin brought his Rumble Bee to the track and competed in the Trophy Class. The previous week, he went home with a trophy for his efforts.

This week would be no different.

In the final, Kyle faced Keith Roach, who came up to the track from Tennessee in a sharp Mustang Convertible.

This race was almost heads up, with Kyle getting a small spot off the starting line. Kyle takes advantage of the spot and jumps out to a large lead. With the big lead stemming from the good light, Kyle never looks back and takes the win for the second straight week. Congratulations to Kyle Allardin on his Trophy Class victory.

ET Class

1st Place - Dave Slayden Diehlstadt, MO DI - 7.40 ET - 7.459 MPH - 88.75 RT - .637

2nd Place - Calvin Fisher Cape Girardeau, MO DI - 8.79 ET - 8.788 MPH - 81.24 RT - .557

Here's a story about having a seemingly bad day turn into a good one. Calvin Fisher came up into the tower during time trials and told me that his Mustang broke and that he was going to race his towing vehicle. He seemed down about it, who can blame him, he broke his race car.

However, he ends up taking his Lightning to the finals, where he met Dave Slayden. Dave is no stranger to the winner's circle, as he has posted wins several times in his racing career. Calvin got the spot of almost a second-

and-a-half and took advantage of that by cutting a good light. As the race neared the finish line, it seemed as if Dave was not going to be able to catch the Ford, but as they crossed, Calvin broke out by the slim margin of .002 of a second, giving Dave the winner's light.

Congratulations to Dave Slayden on his ET Class victory.

Pro Class

1st Place - David Leonard Sikeston, MO DI - 6.91 ET - 6.916 MPH - 96.35 RT - .528

2nd Place - Tony Jacques Campbell, MO DI - 6.28 ET - 6.290 MPH - 107.16 RT - .528

The Pro Class final pitted two veterans of the class who have had their share of victories at the Sikeston Drag Strip. David Leonard has won the ET Class championship and has done very good in both the Pro and Super Pro categories.

Tony Jacques has been a top runner in the Pro Class for several years, giving Greg Harty, our Pro Class champion three years running, a run for his money. Both racers were on their game Saturday, hitting the tree and running the numbers all night. David got the spot of just over a half-second. When both cars left, they had the same light, making this race even closer. At the far end, it looked too close to call and to the human eye it probably would be. The final result showed David Leonard won the race by .003 of a second over Tony Jacques. Congratulations to David Leonard on his Pro Class victory.

Super Pro Class

1st Place - William Wilson Arcadia, MO DI - 5.59 ET - 5.616 MPH - 123.28 RT - .513

2nd Place - Gary Summers Dexter, MO, BROKE

The final race of the night pitted another pair of great drivers at the Sikeston Drag Strip. William Wilson, who has been making a name for himself by racing into the final on back-to-back weekends.

His opponent was Gary Summers, former track champion, who is one of the best when it comes to cutting the good lights. These guys brought their "A-

Game" and were proving it as they raced their towards the final round. As the race began, William had a spot of about half a second against Gary.

William launched hard with a good light and began racing for the finish line. As Gary launched, his car broke just before the 60 foot cone and sent parts flying from underneath it. This allowed William to drive down to the finish line and take the win. Congratulations to William Wilson on his Super Pro Class victory.

Thanks to all that came out to race and watch at the Sikeston Drag Strip. Don't forget, our first Test n Tune Thursday Night is this Thursday, April 6th, and points start on April 8th for ET, Pro and Super Pro Classes. Congratulations to all of our winners from this week and we hope to see you all next week at the Sikeston Drag Strip.

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