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Speakout 1/11

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I would like to speak out about whoever it was that said Sikeston was not better than Charleston and would never beat them. They also said something about they heard Sikeston fans talking about Charleston. Well, do you hear what Charleston says about Sikeston? Sikeston beat Charleston Friday, January 5th and Charleston is not the best team either. They are a really good team. They have some good players and some bad ones just like every other team. When Charleston played Bell City and lost, you should have heard the things people were saying.

I want somebody to answer this question, especially Mike Jensen, and I want this printed in SpeakOut. I want to know why Bush can go over to the president in Mexico and promise him that if they can prove they worked eight years in Mexico, then they can come over here in the United States, work two years and then they can draw their Social Security and go back home. It doesn't matter whether they are legal or illegal. Now, I was told you printed it in the paper that Social Security was going to go bankrupt if we didn't do something, it needed an overhaul. Why did Bush agree to this? Everyone of them will be wanting to come over here, work two years and go back home. Everybody needs to get together and say No, no more. We are taking away from ours and giving to Mexico. I want an answer and I want it in SpeakOut.

When it was $68 and $78 for oil, then why was it still $1.99 to $2.15 and now it's $58 a barrel and it's dropped around $10 to $14 a barrel and it's still $1.99 to $2.15 a gallon. Have you people forgotten it used to be 99 cents a gallon? We can't afford this war. The United States is going to go broke. You might say it will never happen, but it happened once before and it can happen again. We need to find out why these gas prices or as high as they are. They're just ripping us off.

Out here by Oak Grove on 114, there's some old holes I ran into today. I busted one of my tires, hurt the driver that was in there with me. Something is gonna have to be done about that road. I tell you what somebody's gonna get hurt out here if that ain't fixed. I'm serious in this, dude. I'd be willing to sue the state, but I don't think I can.

I'd like to speak out about Mr. Bush. I don't understand why he would like to send more troops over to Iraq when it didn't work before. Nothing is going to work. He might as well admit the war is not going to end. Do you think he needs to see a psychiatrist? He sure won't listen to anyone. He's been in office too long.