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Cold wind blowing on global warming

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Al Gore has made a fortune and restored what remains of his reputation by stirring fears of an impending disaster because of global warming. And Gore has the Hollywood crowd awash in their frenzy to save us from ourselves. Trouble is, of course, the scientific community is less than unanimous in their belief that our globe is indeed warming.

One quick-thinking editorial writer - one of the few - had the nerve to point out the flaws with short-term weather forecasting much less the long-range predictions. But Gore is actually smarter than he looks. How can you argue with a prediction that will not come to pass until we're all dead and gone?

The hurricane experts on the national level this week downgraded their dire predictions for this hurricane season. They also had predicted massive Katrina-

like storms for last year but they too failed to materialized. Granted, the worst may be just around the corner but thus far, the global experts have been less than precise. And yet we rely on their expertise to predict global warming?

The editorial writer I mentioned had the audacity to go back in his research just 20 years ago. And lo and behold, he finds a report on global warming that predicted substantial increases in temperatures during the '90s. Problem was, they were dead wrong. Those dire forecasts turned out to actually be a temperature hike of less than a tenth of a degree during the decade. Not exactly what Gore has been feeding us.

I've said it before and I shall repeat it again. Someday history will look back at this global warming hysteria with some level of humor. Gore and the other "Greenies" will long be gone and probably forgotten. But that doesn't stop the loonies from their doomsday predictions.

The editorial writer who provided this background summed up the global warming fear much better than I could ever match. And thus I will steal his final words with great pride.

"The formula for a climate of fear requires nothing more than a lot of thunder and a bit of heat generated by political activists."

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen