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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Speakout 8/3

Friday, August 3, 2007

City officials would you like to open up your front door and face a dog pen and the trashy yards? No, I'm sure not. Well, I don't either. We have people, children, walking by. If you have to keep a dog penned up all the time, why have one? It barks and walks constantly back and forth. Gladys and Kingshighway have gone to the dogs. Why should homeowners who try to keep things cleaned up have to put up with this? So Mayor Mike Marshall and Councilman Mike Bohannon, I quote from what you said in the paper. "We want to show we're serious about keeping the town cleaned up. If you don't do something to keep your area clean, then you will suffer the consequences." People are tired of this. Keep your word about cleaning things up. Come see for yourself, it's not a pretty sight. Do you have a dog pen where you live and your neighbors have to look at it? Please help.

I live in the southwest portion of Sikeston. I'm east of the ridge and west of Southwest Street. I'm thinking that all of the litter laying around in the streets, and the vacant lots and the unoccupied yards is evidence of primitive culture.

Mike, one of my pet peeves is the police and news people using the word gentleman to describe a criminal. I can't believe you did it in your July 26 editorial. I thought you knew better than that. It says, . . ."in prison this gentleman can find time to brush up on his economics." Don't people know what gentleman means? A criminal is definitely not a gentleman.

And you are definitely right!

This is to the person complaining about us old people still working. I've been retired for three years. And two weeks ago I got called back to work because you young people can't do the job.

I live on the southwest side of Sikeston. I'm east of the ridge and west of Southwest Street. There's a lot of cars in this area that play their stereos loud enough to rattle people's windows. I'm thinking that people who like to call attention to themselves like that are very much like young children, four or five years old, that constantly say, "Mommy, look at me. Mommy, look at me. Look at me, Mommy."

This is to the idiot that thinks older people should retire so younger people can have a job. There isn't any law that says you have to retire just because you are a certain age. Back then most people didn't have a 401K plan that they can use now. So they don't have the money to retire just because they are at that age. I'm proud of the people that continue to work.