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Your view: War support

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Wake up, America! Like it or not, we are at war! George Bush did not cause it. We have been attacked repeatedly on our turf and overseas. Half our country is still in denial. It's late.

After Pearl Harbor 65 years ago, our citizens united and sacrificed to beat back the Japanese and Germans on two fronts. England, France and Germany were demolished, and it looked almost hopeless. The Japanese had their slaughtering armies and suicide bombers. It took the atomic bomb to stop them. We lost over 400,000 of our precious men in the hot Pacific jungles, the islands, the sea and against the Nazis in Germany, France, England, Belgium, Holland, Italy, North Africa, etc. Because of our men's sacrifices, resolve and 100 percent support from home, we have enjoyed 65 years of freedom. The theme song that united us was "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition," which would be very politically incorrect today.

This war has greater obstacles. Our political correctness trumps common sense, individual thoughts and actions. Once independent, responsible citizens, we are herded in our thinking by liberal media, professors, and such powerful pressure groups as the Muslims, gays and liberal appeasers. Multiculturalism is dividing us into disloyal groups of foreigners who don't speak our language or appreciate our culture. Our strategic Panama Canal we built and paid for is now controlled by the Communist Chinese. We need it to move our navy and oil supplies.

Again we have enemies in both the East and the West (Communist China, North Korea) who have nuclear missiles. They won't be worrying about global warming, protecting the environment or endangered species. We who are not Muslims will be the endangered species. We don't want the genocides of Darfur Sudan or Uganda to come here.

Please, America, set aside the preoccupation with sports, raunchy TV, getting more benefits and "stuff". Get serious and face the unpleasant reality of war. The Communists hope we will collapse under a socialist system of control over us and our property. The Muslims believe wherever they have migrated must be under the Muslim laws. Severe Sharia laws would replace our representative government.

Get with it, America! Freedom is not free. Our soldiers are fighting to keep the unique light of liberty from being snuffed out from the world.

Please vote. Pray.

Mary Keenan