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Your view: A political comment

Monday, October 30, 2006

Politics is an interesting subject. Depending on your point of view, it either colors or mars whatever subject is being discussed. Take the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the state of Missouri, for example. They sent a survey to all the political candidates asking what their personal opinions were on the "gun issues" in Missouri.

I, because I'm a personal friend of one the candidates, read the survey and his replies to it. I thought he answered it thoughtfully and in the best interests of all the honest and upright people in Missouri. Then, the "American Hunter" (official magazine of the NRA) reported how the individual candidates scored on their test. AMAZINGLY, the majority of the Republicans scored "A" and while the majority of the Democrats scored "B- to a flat F" on the survey. Larry scored "D". Something is wrong as my friend, Larry Tetley, has been a lifelong member of the NRA, handled weapons all his life and has been on two separate auxiliary police forces plus he served seven years in the army reserves.

My reading of this datum is: "the NRA glorified the majority of the Republicans and vilified the majority of the Democrats." Shame on them!!!! Larry disagreed with people having "uzzi-type" weapons and armor piercing bullets, which the NRA apparently thinks is all right. I, and most citizens, disagree. "Uzzis" are out!!!--.armor piercing bullets are, too. Be honest--the Democrats are as intelligent as the Republicans and vice versa. It's time to stop partisan "shelling" and do what's right for our country.


Neal Wagley

USAF COL Retired.