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Spanking has a hand in discipline

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I was shocked. As I was leaving a local store recently I heard a young teen tell his mother to shut the he** up. Then the mother just let the child say it with no response and no spanking.

If I would have said that to my mom or dad they would have spanked me in front of everybody and I would have deserved it. And after a spanking, I would have never said that to them again.

Yes, I was spanked as a child and let me tell you I am not alone. According to a story in the USA Today, 20 CEOs were interviewed and all 20, while none were abused, were not spared a spanking when they deserved it.

In the case of the CEOs many said that the spankings played little or no role in their success but all cited the discipline they learned. None became mass murderers but highly successful people that are in charge of a large number of people.

I know I am more disciplined because of spankings and I can tell you that I deserved far more than I ever got. But getting my hide tanned every once in a while taught me that whatever I was doing must have been wrong.

Take for example the day in elementary school a friend and I decided to play a game to see who could stomp on the most people's feet. After the paddling we got, neither one of us ever played that game again.

But I am sure child psychologists wouldn't agree. They say that spanking slows mental development, hinders achievement and can be detrimental. I say it makes kids soft and hard to discipline.

I would love to be a kid today. Say I did something like shoot at my brother with a BB gun, I wouldn't get spanked but have to, well, sit in time out and think about what I did. Actually I would be thinking about better ways to threaten my brother so he didn't tell on me the next time.

But then again I didn't grow up in a time where kids took guns to school and shot at teachers and classmates because someone made fun of them. And I certainly didn't grow up in a time when kids told their parents to shut the he** up. Yeah, I guess this no spanking thing is working after all.

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