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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 8/9

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

First, traffic has never been "bumper to bumper" at any time going down Highway 61 unless there has been a wreck and the lanes are blocked. Secondly, the school district lines are drawn almost to the city limit sign on highway 61. Thirdly, unless you live in the SCC school district and have something to gain from your comments, get over it.

I have a couple of Ouija boards that I might sell. They are not in perfect condition, but very old. Leave a number in SpeakOut.

- - -

This is in regards to someone in SpeakOut wanting to find a Ouija board game. They may be found at Spencer's in Cape or they can go online and find them also.

This is to the person who was complaining about getting his lights shut off. How many notices did you get before they shut your electricity off? Did you call the gentleman up there at the light department and talk to him about your bill to see if he could help you with it? I can't believe that you did. That man is a good man that works up there at that light department. He works with people when they run into problems because he has worked with me. Quit your complaining and quit your griping about a good man that works at the light department.

I want to thank our illegal dumpers for dumping off the beautiful brown recliner and flowery sofa in the ditch near my house. It really goes well in my living room. I don't know why I am calling to complain about illegal dumpers. I'm assuming none of them can read, much less have a subscription to the newspaper.

I receive the Standard-Democrat daily and I read SpeakOut daily and I would appreciate it if you would print this. I live in Mississippi County and this is on the perfect office that is ran in the courthouse. If it's such a perfect office why is it under investigation?

There was an item in your paper tonight about a man being electrocuted while spray painting a barn roof. The word electrocuted means you are killed by an electrical charge. So this man suffered, but he wasn't electrocuted.

I was wondering when New Madrid was going to start enforcing the noise ordinance that was set in place. Come on New Madrid, start following in Sikeston's footsteps and start writing tickets.