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Speakout 11/9

Thursday, November 9, 2006

This is to the lady whose husband said that if you couldn't afford to pay people they needed to get out of business. Apparently her husband was never in business. My parents had a small business and invested their life savings in it. They worked 14 hours a day and 7 days a week. I don't think her husband knew what he was talking about.

Obesity exacts a higher toll on health and healthcare costs than smoking as serious obesity-elated problems like diabetes are near epidemic levels. The public pays about $39 billion a year - or about $175 per person - for obesity through Medicare and Medicaid programs, which cover sicknesses caused by obesity including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, several types of cancer and gallbladder disease. My point? If you plan to tax cigarettes, then plan to tax snack foods such as twinkies, chips, ice cream , candy bars, sodas, the list goes on and on. Living in America means we get the freedom of choice to smoke if we want, and to have those midnight snack food binges if we want. If smokers can be targeted to kick in a little more at checkout, then obese people who cannot control their addiction to fat and sugar should be hit up the same way. Smokers have been kicked out of restaurants as well as bars, while all you can eat buffets are advertised all over the place. Promote equality between the two evils, tax them both. Neither addiction is good for you.

I just wanted to speak out about Halloween night and trick or treating. Believe it or not kids, there are rules that go along with trick or treating. Such as, have some manners. Say thank you after you receive your treat. Don't stick your hands inside the candy dish. Let the homeowners give you your treats. Don't curse the homeowners out because they won't let you take ALL of the candy. Don't throw candy at the homeowners either. If there is a sidewalk, use it. Don't walk on people's flowers or grass. It cost a lot to keep a yard looking nice, even if it's not your yard. You kids who go trick or treating, know your manners, or the next Halloween, don't bother to stop at my house.