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Speakout 7/14

Friday, July 14, 2006

I was driving by a local dentist and I noticed him and his assistant going in on a Sunday morning with someone who had obviously spent the night in a great deal of pain. As I drove on further, I saw the local pharmacist opening his drugstore. I thought as I drove on how fortunate we are in New Madrid that we have these fine men that will come out on Sunday morning and treat someone in our small town in so much pain. These men give their time to our community, they're there at nights and weekends for us, they live in our community and support our local sports complex. They have always been there for us. I think the people of New Madrid should count their selves lucky that we have these dedicated doctors and pharmacists living here in town. Dr. Tim, Dr. Pat and Johnny and his staff. You take it for granted. What a fine job you've done. You've taken care of me, my kids and now my grandkids. Thank you for all you've done. Thank you for being part of New Madrid. We love you.

If you're calling about the chihuahua, it's already been given away.

I want to know who own Arbyrd Cemetery out at Grant City? All the times I've been out there it is awful. Is there any kind of caretaker? If not, some volunteers need to get together and clean it up. There are some very old graves out there and it is important to know where you came from. If it wasn't for those people we wouldn't be here. There are a lot of graves out there that are for babies. It's just horrible to see them grown over and molded on. It's not respectful.

I would like to say a big Amen to Michael Jensen for the editorial in the Sunday July 9th paper on Small world brings big problems to U.S. Thank you.

I would like to comment on the bathrooms of a Sikeston business. They are filthy and disgusting. They need to keep them cleaned up a little bit. They brag on how many trees they are saving, but they need to keep some paper towels by the door so you can grab the handles of the door when you go out because they are so nasty.

This is in response to the people who keep calling in bad talking farmers. If it weren't for them, there would be no food. And burning the fields has been going on since the country has been here. You can't blame them for the tough job that most people couldn't handle anyway.