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SpeakOut 1/31

Thursday, January 31, 2008

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This is in reply to Fraud prevention. If the Family Services actually did their job and checked in to people's background and drug testing to prevent them from getting welfare, they would not have a job. Because people would not be on welfare.

I was just reading in SpeakOut about the person talking about Obama. So what if he wouldn't do nothing when he got in? What have we had the last 16 years? All we need is another Clinton back in there for another four or eight years. Then we could say for sure we've been sold out good.

In response to A big fake, about Obama. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. He is of Kenyan and American descent, but he is not a Muslim. If you are going to make a public political statement, you need to get your facts straight. If you are going to speak a fact and it's a fallacy, then you're going to wind up looking like an idiot.

About Obama being a big fake, being a Muslim. In Bible School about 40 years ago they taught that there would be a man who would run for president that would be a Muslim, which would take over the whole country. And I heard that he would not be sworn on a Bible, he had to be sworn in on a Koran. The person who said he was a big fake, well, it's apparently true.

Thank you Mayor Marshall and the other Economic Development people for bringing jobs to our community. Keep up the good work. Also, we're about 25 years behind in bringing jobs to Sikeston. We can never catch up with Cape Girardeau. But if we keep trying, maybe it will be a lifelong goal that your grandchildren might see what we've seen as growing individuals within our community. We're proud of our community. We need to bring more jobs, higher paying jobs, more skilled labor, reduce the welfare and reduce the problems we have in certain geographical areas within our community. If we could get rid of Section 8, I think Sikeston would be a much better place, a place we could call home like in the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. The 80's, 90's and 2000's, I'm ashamed to be a resident of Sikeston.

I'm calling about the high-rise of unemployment in in-home care. If people were paid for what they do and what they know and the amount of years and the qualifications they have and the kindness they show to people in this kind of work, I think you wouldn't have such a turnover and have all these ads in the paper for in-home care. That is hard work. If you have ever walked that walk, you will realize the people are underpaid and expected to do a lot more than they realize they're doing.