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SpeakOut 1/30

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Call 471-6636

After reading the headlines of the vet and the dentist being arrested for the drug dealing, I'm just hoping and wondering if the judges will issue the maximum sentences to the elite like they did the pre-teen that should have gotten juvenile and ended up being tried as an adult. I think these people should be given the maximum.

Matt Blunt keeps talking about reform and health care needs and education. I have a mentally retarded daughter that is 43 years old that works at the Workshop. She suffers with toothaches a lot. We can't afford dental care. I can't even get a dentist to see this girl. I thought they were going to reinstate this care for the mentally retarded, because they are children. She works and pays taxes. She doesn't understand why she has to be in pain with her tooth. She needs help.

I'm calling to ask our fine mayor a question. Is it still free to breathe in your fine town of Sikeston? And I say your town because obviously you and your council members are the only ones who run this town. I saw you on the news saying that people should be arrested for littering. And even went as far as quoting someone saying that they should be given the death penalty for throwing a piece of paper out the window. This is utterly ridiculous. I'm not saying people should litter, but my goodness, this is not Russia. Why are we citizens letting a handful of the same people year after year dictate control of the whole city? If it's not one new law, it's another. It's good to take pride in the town you live in, but you all don't fool anyone. You keep changing and adding all these laws until you get the lower and middle income citizens so fed up that they move so you can have all your chosen people that you think deserve to live in your city. We have all seen the differences that are made in the rules if you have plenty of money. There's got to be other people who feel this way. I hope we all wise up and get out and vote and get some new faces in our city government. Or before too long Sikeston might as well build a big iron gate around the entire town to hold all the people that will be arrested for breaking all the laws that are created.

Laws - such as noise ordinance or property violation - are designed to improve a community. Can you cite one single new ordinance that does not do just that? I think not!

It's that time of year for the Girl Scouts to take cookie orders and it's a very good thing. They should pick an appropriate time to come sell them - not on a Sunday morning before noon. Don't send a little girl to the door who don't know what she's doing. Her parent was sitting in the car where it was warm. This little girl was out in the cold, scared to death to go to a stranger's door. All she could do was hand me the order form. I asked her what it was and she couldn't tell me. I'll be glad to buy Girl Scout cookies, but the parent needs to get out of the car, walk with that child and teach her the responsibility of asking the people to buy these cookies. I felt sorry for the child. Mom, that was very rude and very embarrassing for that baby.

I think everybody should listen to John Edwards more, instead of Obama and Hillary arguing back and forth and slinging mud. He makes more sense than anyone. We need more jobs in the U.S. A lot of people are out of work and it's getting worse every day. Men can't support their families. It takes a man and wife both and the jobs are running out. Also, our men overseas, they need to be brought back. Everybody should listen to John Edwards. He makes more sense about the jobs.