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Speakout 9/21

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'd like to speak out against the stalker giving me the dirty looks. You know who you are, driving by giving me dirty looks. I just want you to know that I am not afraid of you. If I was you, I would go away somewhere. I don't know what else to tell you except that you need to watch your step and lay low and leave people alone, especially old women. By the way, I'm not intimidated by you.

This is to the outvoted in the Sunday, Sept. 10 SpeakOut. I feel sorry for the person who wrote that. I had three daughters that went to school in Morehouse and got the best education, the best care. You could not ask for any teacher to be any better. When they went in to junior high the principal himself told me that he could tell the Sikeston kids from the Morehouse kids because they were a little bit more advanced. My children went on and went through high school and became cheerleaders, leaders in our community, leaders in our school community and one even went to Korea. My wife has taught at Richland and she has taught at Morehouse and she thinks that teaching at Morehouse is like she has gone to heaven. She never wants to leave there. I'm sorry that you have had a bad outcome and that you feel the way you do. I would be more than happy to talk to you, but if there's anything Morehouse doesn't need is to be in the Richland school district.

It is my understanding that Kelly school students attend afternoon classes at Cape Central Vo Tech are forced to provide their own transportation from Kelly to Central and return. Parents of these students pay school taxes which provide school buses to transport them to and from school. The parents of these students are now paying twice for their transportation. Additionally, this winter, snow, sleet and ice will be extremely dangerous for students with only one or two years driving experience. This is a serious matter and it needs to corrected at once.

According to Don Moore, superintendent of Kelly Schools, there are only two students attending an Aviation Class that is just offered in the afternoon at Cape Central Vo-Tech. Both parents have signed a release saying their children would drive to and from the school. There are approximately 30 students that attend Vo-Tech classes that are offered in the morning session and transportation is provided by the school. The parents were aware of this when the class was offered. Other schools in the area also have this arrangement.

The other day I had my blinker on to pull into my driveway and there was a van parked in front of my house. A young boy jumped out, ran into my yard and stole my paper. I saw what you did. If I hadn't had somewhere to be, I swear I would have chased you down and given you a good tongue lashing. What really makes me mad is that there was someone old enough to drive him around, his "partner in crime" so to speak that should have be teaching him how to behave. No wonder there is so much crime going on today. If we have adults putting kids up to stealing newspapers in broad daylight, what will they have them doing next, knocking off the local bank?