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Your view: Fill your commitments

Monday, November 20, 2006

Recently I had an occasion to reside at a nursing home facility. I would like to add that I received excellent care.

I saw something that saddened me deeply. Sometimes different organizations and church groups would make a commitment to provide an activity or a church services for the residents. It was disappointing to see that they did not show up.

I went into a meeting and about 20 people were assembled. The person or group that was to be there was not present. These folks were looking forward to this particular service.

I had the opportunity to return home, but most of these people cannot return home. We need to put ourselves in their place and think how discouraged we would be if a promise was made and not fulfilled.

I do want to say that there are people who made commitments and did come. Others called if they could not make it.

The activities director does an excellent job of providing a variety of things for the residents to have participation in. She is very disappointed when those who say they are going to be there don't show up. She loves her job and her residents and she feels sad when this happens.

Please, if you make a promise to be there, of if you can't be there, call and give a reason why you can't be there.

The Ten Commandments say "Honor your father and your mother." That could apply to all older folks. Whether a mother, father, or grandparents, or uncles and aunts, or any older person who lives in these facilities, they need all the love shown they can get.

Our Lord said, "In as much as you have done unto the least of these, you have done it to me." I would like to switch this around. "In as much as you have NOT done it to the least of these, you have NOT done it to me."

Jesus was our example when he was on the cross. He said to John the beloved "Son, take care of your mother." While he was on the cross dying for the sin of the whole world and for you and me, even though he was in agony, He watched out for His mother.

The holidays are nearly upon us. I know that some things will be done for them during this time. Let's not think of them only at this time of year, but all the year through. We don't know but what we might be in the same situation as these folks.

So please fulfill commitments and promises if at all possible.

Sincerely yours,

Mickie Jean Ormsby

Sikeston, Mo.