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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

SpeakOut 1/24

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Call 471-6636

I was reading your Wednesday SpeakOut where the caller complained about your writer wearing a Yankee's hat. And your reply was, "That don't change the column." I tell you what, around here it sure helps public relations. I'm behind him all the way, but that's bad P.R. wearing a Yankee's hat on the front of a Sikeston paper sports page. Come on man, get with the program. Cardinals rock. Nobody likes the Yankees. This is Cardinal country.

Since wearing Cardinal clothes helps our reporting I'll make sure that we all wear Cardinal shirts to every event. Because with Cardinal fans like there are in Cardinal country, who needs any other sports, right?

I was calling about the person offering the free lot in Lilbourn. I would like more information on it, please. I'm from Malden. The number is 276-6149. Please call me.

I am calling in regards to the speak out about the black Dodge on Lake Street. For one, we're not Mexican. We are Honduran, but we are U.S. citizens. We are not illegal. Our truck is legal. It has a dealer tag on it, if it's any of their information. If they have a problem, they can put their number in SpeakOut and I will be glad to let them know.

This is in response to the Cheathams' underage article. Others and I think it's ridiculous that local law enforcement are once again wasting time on something like this. Instead, they should be applying themselves to dangerous, violent crimes on the right side of town. But again, scared of true criminals they use the children as scapegoats to fill the paper. They are only making you have a distaste for authority and wasting time that could be applied more efficiently.

I would like to speak out and thank the few ladies that donated the extra-

large clothes to the mentally challenged girl. She is just so happy. She tried on her clothes and her outfits. She just dances around in front of the mirror. You people just don't know how you reached out and touched her life. She just is really happy and ecstatic and she takes such good care of these things. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. She is my daughter. We really thank and appreciate you. You are just angels.

I want the adults out there to know that are on Medicaid. We've been told we have dental insurance. No, we do not. I have been in touch since last year with a representative for our area in Jeff City. I just talked to her office again this week. The adults aren't even in the budget yet for dental. They don't even know if we will be in the budget for next year. That doesn't even come up for vote until July of this year to find out if adults will even be in the budget. Adults, I don't know what we're going to do. Think twice, like I'm going to do, when you go to the polls next time when you vote for your governor.

I would like to leave a message for Governor Blunt because you took my Medicaid away for my dental. I am a diabetic and a heart patient. I had to have my teeth pulled and because you took away my dental, I'm sitting her having to eat soft foods. Do you realize being a diabetic how many soft foods I can find on my diet to keep my diabetes regulated? There's not very many, Governor. Thanks to you I have to work a 100 times harder. I can guarantee you one thing, as hard as I had to work to get you elected, I'm gonna work you 100 times harder not to get you re-elected. I can promise you that.