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Speakout 11/8

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I would like to know if we still have code enforcement in the city of Sikeston of alleyways in the older neighborhoods of Scott, School, Ruth, Gladys, Dorothy, William? There are old tires up and down in the alleys, trees are hanging over, old fence posts. Between Murray Lane and Gladys the trees are hitting the tops of the cars. There are abandoned houses with old cars, old tires, fenceposts, garbage cans. Please do something about this.

Okay Mr. Mike, I have two comments. One is about the disabled stuff we always have in SpeakOut, mostly the jealous people call in. What people don't realize is that just because you are declared disabled does not mean you can't work. If you make so much money, if you go over that, they will deduct that from your check. People don't understand that. People can work if they are disabled. They don't just have to sit home and die. And second, about the minimum wage, people say we can't afford this. I worked at a place, Mike, where when minimum wage went up, the man said he couldn't afford it and he was going to lose his company. You know something funny Mr. Mike? Every year he goes out and buys him and his wife a brand new vehicle. So if the company is going to go under, how can the people that owns these companies drive these fancy cars and everything like that? They want to keep us poor and we work our butts off. You've got people that work for minimum wage for you and you know that you couldn't do it without them. I'm tired of reading in the paper about these companies going to go broke.

I'm a supporter of capital punishment, but a recent headline in the Standard Democrat disgusted me and I was outraged. The headline was "Inmates now used to pick up trash on county roads." My thought would be that whoever's picking up trash on county roads would just use gloves instead.

Okay, you got published only because it made me laugh.

Chris Moore, this is to address your comments in the Nov. 1 edition of the Standard-Democrat concerning the Notre Dame-Sikeston district championship game. I found your comments to be repulsive and immature, writing about a school that you know nothing about. Maybe Chris, it wasn't the peroxide in their hair, maybe it was the prayers said before the game. The only thing that Chris seemed to get right about the school was to say that Notre Dame has the best soccer program in the area. And that was proved Wednesday night in a three to nothing victory. Also Chris, 70 students that live here in Sikeston, claim Sikeston as their hometown, attend Notre Dame. Maybe religion is the key to winning, not recruiting.

Thank you Mr. Aaron Gregory for making that delicious cowboy stew for us at the Eagles. It warmed us up on that really cold day.