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Speakout 6/8

Thursday, June 8, 2006

I would like to comment on "Simply being kids." Can my kids come to your house and skateboard in your driveway and on your fence railing, on your front porch? Better yet, can they come in and skateboard on your floors, basement and down your stairs? I'm sure the answer is no. And why is the answer no? One, probably because you don't own a house. Two, you would be afraid you might be sued. Three, you would not want them there because you need to sleep, mow the yard or maybe run a business from your house and they are bothering your customers. There are a number of reasons that kids aren't and should not be allowed to skateboard on private property. But the main reason is that you don't own the property. You didn't buy the property, you don't pay the payment, you don't pay the taxes and you don't pay the insurance. The only thing you do is cause property damage and cause problems for other people. The best thing you can do is go to the bank, take out a loan and build a place for your kids to skateboard. Then you can have the payment, taxes, insurance and liability of being sued.

I'm calling concerning these banks. People get paid once a week, once every two weeks and sometimes only once a month. Well years ago before modern technology took over with computers and calculators and adding machines, people could go to the bank and deposit their money after 2 o'clock and it would go in the same day. Now you have to be there at 2 o'clock for it to go in. I think this is cruel because people have to pay the bank whenever they get paid. I think this is a rip off for people and a big shot in the arm for the bank. They get more money off the people than anybody I ever seen, either with high interest, service charges and everything. I feel like they should give people a break. No wonder they keep building banks, they're robbing people with this $15 overdraft charges. They don't need to be doing this. Give them a few days.

If an abortion is a matter of choice, which I feel is taking of a human life, then the seat belt in my car and the motorcycle helmet I am forced to wear, should be a matter of choice. That's the way I see it.

I've been reading a lot about these teachers molesting these children in school and abusing them. And here they want an increase in salary? I don't think so. I feel like we send our children to school, they are supposed to be well cared for by dedicated teachers. If they want more money they should have gone in to being a nurse, doctor, lawyer or the president of the United States. There's never a day that goes by that you don't hear about a child being sexually abused by a teacher. They sit in the teacher's lounge and discuss other kid's problems. They are supposed to be role models for these children but they are not.

You must obviously know different teachers than we do. The ones we know are dedicated professionals doing a difficult job in difficult circumstances. Don't judge all by the actions of a very few.

Let me see if I've got this right. It's OK for the authorities to get a search warrant and come and search my house, my vehicle, my business, whatever the case may be. But if you are a member of CONGRESS and they search your office, then is that wrong? Is that double standard? What is that?