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Speakout 4/19

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is to all the grandmas and grandpas of the world who choose to cut out all ties with their grandchildren when their children divorce their spouses. Don't you think that losing a mom or dad is hard enough on your grand kids? We are yours whether or not you like it. I can tell you, being shunned by a grandparent is a lot worse. Stop and think of what you missed. You may have missed another generation of great-grandkids. The only reason could possibly be selfishness. You have destroyed lives in a way and the scars will never heal. Shame on you. You should count your blessings and be thankful that you have grandkids and stop the heartaches if you can.

I would like to make a comment to the person who had something to say about the person who gets food stamps. I'm a mother of five and I get food stamps. I'm not working right now, I used to work, but not right now. I did pay taxes while I was working. The person that is mad because they don't get no food stamps, they shouldn't be that way. Some people that get them really need them. It's true that some people abuse the situation. Anyhow, I thank the government for letting people get food stamps.

To the person who has a problem with the person getting food stamps, I think they are just mad because they don't get any. I am a working mom and I get food stamps because I make $6.50 an hour and I'm not making a lot of money. I get help from the government to help me to provide for my children. And no, I do not get any welfare money, but I do get food stamps and I do appreciate them very much. God does not like ugly. If this person really wanted to be mad about it, they need to quit working and get on food stamps their selves if they feel like they really need to get some. Anyway, I am a Christian person and I don't want to down talk anybody. Whoever you are, God bless you and we still love you in Jesus's name.

I lost my husband a few years ago and a few months after losing him, it was a very sudden death. I of course was in shock still, and had to come and stay with my parents at Sikeston. But upon his death I had received a cut out from a SpeakOut. Someone had said that I didn't deserve to live and they hoped I would die soon and that all I ever wanted was money and material things and that I was greedy and never loved my husband. I just wondered why after all these years of losing him, do I still miss him, do I still cry, am I still lonely for him? I hope and I pray that this person that sent this to me will repent before God because they don't know my heart, only God does. And they don't know the love that me and my husband had between us.

I would just like for you all to put the answers to all the questions that are called in up there to SpeakOut, just put America, love it or leave it. And that will be it.

I'd like to say that the President we have now is one of the best presidents this nation has ever had along with his Dad, Ronald Reagan and Nixon, George Washington and Andrew Johnson or Jackson. Those are the best presidents we ever had or ever gonna have. George Bush does a great job and makes good decisions. Anybody that thinks different, well, they can just leave America. They can just leave. George Bush is the best President we ever had.