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Speakout 4/12

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Michael Jensen is the only person willing to say it like it is. Why can't we have thousands of Michael Jensens running our country? A copy of his column "Ppoor, the poor will remain poor," needs to be copied non-stop and sent to every lawmaker in this entire American nation on a daily or hourly basis until our lawmakers start representing us. The middle class American that carries the load of this nation need to get their head out of the sand and the message that throwing money at the problem is only creating more of the same problem. I have taught the generational welfare mentality in different schools but the basic mentality is the same. The student is one generation of a four and five generation welfare dependent. There are underlying similarities in all the generations welfare mentality cases. I have witnessed no intrinsic motivation, no goal setting, no desire to improve their life, no value placed on education, a contentment to stay where they are even when given educational opportunities, blaming others for any downfall, taking no responsibility for anything, a disproportionate interest in sexual promiscuity and drugs, illegitimacy, and no work ethics. We have created a thankless and dependent monster that is devouring everything in its path.

Well, Mike you done it again. That piece you put in there Sunday about taking from the rich and giving to the poor was really good. I'm telling you, I'd vote for you if you'd run. The poor don't want to help their selves. All they want to do is go out and buy computers and all this stuff that they don't need and live higher than the rich does and then want somebody to give something to them. Come on, run for President. And on this other thing, if people are able to go to work, then they should be able to clean their house. If they can get in the car and leave to go to work, then they can darn well clean their house. They don't need all this free help. Mom and Dad get the free help, the son or daughter got it, now the grand kids are getting it. It just keeps going and going.

A bit of information for all the people lacking common sense. It is unlawful to sell, provide or permit the sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21, anyone who is visibly intoxicated or a known habitual drinker. Since the parents weren't there while this was taking place, I guess all us "smart people" know the burden fell on the barkeeper to do his job which he didn't nor did he instruct his employees to do! But then again, this has been allowed to go on for several years and no one has done a thing to stop it. So why bother now? When it is someone important's kid like a judge or a prominent doctor or lawyer that gets hurt then we will get action! Until then, we can all pretend it's not happening right in the middle of town in front of everyone and blame the parents. Because you know, you can't stop the real criminal, they are "old money"!

This comment is for the person who thinks parents are responsible for what their kids do. I am under 21 and I hang out at a place that serves me and my friends. When I leave my house my mother says, " Be careful and I love you!" Never, "Go drink and drive!" How stupid for anyone to insinuate we haven't been taught better! When I do drink, I usually stay all night with a friend so she has never caught on. If she ever seen my car at this place, I would tell her that I was eating appetizers or drinking a Coke and she would believe me. She trusts me and she also trusts that the law would never allow this to happen right under their noses! So just to let you know, you were wrong for that!