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Speakout 6/22

Thursday, June 22, 2006

You think you and Morley are having trouble with a dog catcher, try the west end of Sikeston. It's like pulling your eye teeth trying to get somebody down here.

I think it is totally ridiculous people calling in speaking about welfare, this and that. I find that right now in this world today, we need love, we need peace. We need to be praying. This world is not going to get any better, it's only going to get worse. And if you want to talk about people that are lazy and don't want to work and are on welfare, then you need to be praying for them so God will help them to overcome whatever their situation is. We need love in this world not concerns about what people will or will not do because Jesus is soon to return.

I am driving from Benton on 60 Highway and a Sikeston policeman in a cop car passed me going toward Benton, no lights on, no nothing. I bet he was going at least 90 miles an hour. He was swerving, trying to get around cars. There were people having to pull off the road to keep from getting hit. I don't care if he was late for court or what. That is not fair to us. He should have had his lights on or something if he was in that big of a hurry. They give us tickets for speeding. What about them?

I am speaking out about the Sikeston Bulls Team. I'm glad that we have it and I wish them well. But I would like to ask about all this stuff that used to be in the paper about our little league baseball teams, such as the Jaycees playing. You used to put in the scores and who got the hits and it was really enjoyable to see the names of the children in that league. We would like you to bring that back.

Thank you Jake Marsh for your intelligent editorial piece. You are correct and your thinking is refreshingly progressive. You look young enough to be doing a summer internship. If so, one can only hope that your smarts rub off on your editor.

His editor hopes so, too.

It is about time we had a letter like Mr. Erwin Porter's letter in the newspaper. You are right Mr. Porter. These Republicans have messed up this country so bad you can't even tell you are living in the United States. Keep writing those letters Mr. Porter. You are right.

Mike, your idea about raising postage on third class mail instead of first class mail was terrific. I got five pieces of unsolicited third class mail in my mailbox today, which I promptly threw into the garbage can. We pay enough for first class. Is there anything we can do about that? Is there an e-mail address we could send our complaints too? What can we do about this? Let us know.

I am a 1986 graduate of Sikeston Senior High School. I was told that the information for the 20-year reunion was in the paper, which I missed. Could someone please put it in Speakout to let me know when the reunion will be.

The Sikeston Senior High School class of 1986 upcoming 20-year-

reunion is scheduled for July 22. Please send e-mail to sikeston86@hotmail.com or for more information call Missy Nance at 816