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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nobody asked me but...tickets to the new Busch Stadium...$19, regular soda...$4.50, hot dog...$4.75, peanuts...$3.75, watching the Cincinnati Reds shutout the Cardinals...priceless.

Yes, your humble scribe took a little adventure up to St. Louis to check out the new ballpark. Once everything is set and ready to go, the new stadium is okay. Not spectacular nor is it the Eighth Wonder of the World, just okay. In fact the stadium reminds me a lot of the parks at Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

The park has more room in the concourses, but to get to the upper level where I sat, you have to walk up six sets of ramps. Once I got to my seat, you're packed into them like sardines.

My view from behind home plate was nice with the Arch and the old courthouse, but the remains of old Busch in right-center was a blight with the huge hole and trucks parked alongside. Of course, that issue will be taken care of with the new Ballpark Village promised to be built in the near future (still skeptical about that promise).

Bring your wallet when attending this year. Prices are high in the park, but the kicker is the $25 parking fee. Yes folks, I paid $25 to park my vehicle six blocks away.

The PA announcer was barley audible and the lack of tradition and heritage was alarming. Where are the banners honoring the past great Cardinal players and teams? What I did see was a boat-load of sponsor banners and signage. Oh for yesteryear.

The Cardinals' ticket prices are the third highest in all of baseball. Only the Yankees and Red Sox have higher prices. A $19 ticket will get your 10 rows from the very top of the stadium.

Here is a suggestion, save some bucks and just watch the Cardinals from the comfort of your living room. Every game, road and away, is televised. If you feel the need to see professional baseball, make the 150-mile trip, just reverse course and go south to Memphis. See the Triple-A Redbirds play at Auto Zone Park. Your wallet will thank you.

So SEMO blows it again with the hiring of OVC retread Scott Edgar. I haven't seen this type of mismanagement since the Nixon Administration. Several sources have informed this writer that Edgar was arrogant and lacked media savvy while at Murray State. The media up in Cape Girardeau will always be on the side of the university and team, no matter the circumstances. But what about the media in St. Louis?

Jay Spoonhour should have been the choice for SEMO of the three candidates. Besides head coaching experience, Spoon has more of an upside than Edgar. He is younger, has ties to area and the state. Plus, hiring Spoon would give SEMO some pub up in St. Louis.

The media in St. Louis backed Spoonhour and if he was hired, would have been a big story in that area. Throughout the basketball season, some interest would have come down from St. Louis just because of Spoon. Instead all the Edgar hiring got was a small blurb in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

My sources also say that Spoonhour was a hit with the players when he got a chance to speak to the team. SEMO is in bed with Edgar, hope the mattress is firm and forgiving.

What in the world is going on with the NBA? First, Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons refuses to re-enter a game and then cusses out his coach. Now, Allen Iverson and Chris Webber of the Philadelphia Sixers didn't even show up to their game with the New Jersey Nets on Tuesday.

The two fading stars were not expected to play due to injury, so they decided not to even show up to support the team.

It has to be said, the NBA is full of thugs and me-first players.

There is no way in the world I would pay money to see these players perform. They treat coaches, teammates and fans with contempt at every turn. For me, I will enjoy my ESPN Classic with Larry Legend leading the Boston Celtics.

And finally, nobody asked me but...the proud Sikeston baseball program has hit some hard times this season. The record of 7-8 is certainly not the norm at this point in the season for the Bulldogs.

That doesn't bother me.

The most concerning item for me is where is the fire? Where is the passion? It doesn't seem like they're having fun.

Losses are going to happen. Get over it and move on to the next opponent. And the most important item, learn from your past mistakes. I see this team making the same mistakes over and over.

And lastly. Hustle on every play. Don't loaf off the field, run off the field. I know the coaches have addressed all these issues. But the players have to act on it.

It is getting late in the season. When once superior talent won out, today the team has to want it more and play harder than the other team. It is now or never.