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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

Speakout 8/13

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I was just watching the noon day news and noticed that JoAnn Emerson is on a farm tour this morning. Is she trying to decide how much subsidy each farmer is entitled to by visiting their property?

If you want that carport put up, call 472-1451.

- - -

The lady that wants that carport built out of metal, I do that kind of work, but as hot as that metal is right now, I don't even try to handle it. If you don't get somebody to build it, about the last of September, you put your ad back in the paper and I'll call you. It's too slow of work right now. You have to let your hands cool every time you handle it and it's just too much of a problem.

I'm amazed to why there have been so many complaints made on a particular manager at an area restaurant, yet the owners continue to allow her to stay in that position. She repeatedly hires young kids with no prior work history, gives them no proper training, orientation or job duties. She then has the nerve to tell them customers are complaining about things they were never told in the first place. She appears to be someone on a power trip, humiliating children and firing them shortly after they are hired. Sometimes even firing them through the drive-thru window. How non-professional is that. Hopefully there will be more parents and members of the public to come forward.

I was wanting to respond to the SpeakOut column No respect for victims. I feel that just because someone goes to jail doesn't mean they are animals. There is different prisons for different crimes. There should be lock down 24 hours a day with just beds, toilets and sinks if they are in level 5 or they did high crimes. I understand people going to jail and changing their lives. So, thank you.

A few years ago the Readers Digest said the oil from Alaska goes to Russia, not the mainland U.S. So why will our gas prices have to go up because of the Prudhoe Bay Pipeline? Everybody think about this.

If anyone wants to know what that BP stands for it is British Petroleum. It means the British owns the gas station. So, it's not an American station.

I wanted to call in about those people in Morehouse that's always fussing about the mosquitoes day in and day out. People could drain that town where they wouldn't have all those cotton pickin' mosquitoes. And that little ole machine they use to run up and down the middle of the road, it does not kill mosquitoes with what they put in it.