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SpeakOut 6/5

Monday, June 5, 2006

In response to all the people talking about Marian Street, I've lived on there for 12 years and all I can say, it's a very quiet, well-run little street. I can count on my hand the number of times I've seen a police car go down this street since I've lived here, unlike some other areas of Sikeston. We may have some people who really shouldn't be here but nobody seems to cause any problems.

I go to a local beauty shop here in town and I am getting so tired of this beautician making appointments, but then she can't keep them. She's always got her mouth running or she's busy talking to other customers. She never is on time with her appointments. What's the use of making appointments if she's not going to be there? She better shape up or she's going to lose a lot of business.

You know, it's a shame people stick there nose in where it don't belong. This is in regard to the article about the young man named Johnny. He had no friends, very little family. All they did was make fun of him and make comments about him. The boy didn't bother anybody. He had no insurance money when he passed away. All his friends at Morehouse really jumped in there and offered to pay for his funeral bill. The only living relatives he had was a mother that was in the nursing home and a few cousins and an aunt. They didn't have any money to help the poor little fella with. So you people at Morehouse need to just watch your little mouths and mind your own business.

If someone has found a pair of prescription glasses at the park on Illinois Street, which is behind the fire station, please call 471-5136. These belong to my 9-year old son.

I want to speak out about these people who have dogs that let them run around and tear up other people's things. I have had several things torn up out of my yard. And these big old dogs that look like cows, the big ole things, they run around and use your yard for a bathroom and then dig with their big long toenails. This shouldn't be allowed. These people should get rid of these doggone dogs or keep them in their own yard. I wish you'd put this in SpeakOut 'cause I'm tired of it. I nearly have a heart attack because I'm tired of my yard being tore up.

This is in regards to the Class of '86 Class Reunion. It will be held at the Elks on July 22 from 6 p.m. until midnight. You can email Sikeston86@hotmail.com. It is $30 per person.

I am a concerned citizen calling. The thing I would like other people to think about, I realize most laws are written in blood, but how many people have to be injured or killed before the city of Miner does anything about the highway in front of AgMart? Seems like we had numerous people killed right there in that same area. Looks like something ought to be done by either the city or the state. One of the two should address the problem and make that area a little bit safer. If you have any insight I would love to hear it.