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Speakout 10/6

Friday, October 6, 2006

I was wanting to speak out about people who are against ex-offenders. I went to look for a job and I got a call back. I waited patiently and quietly for this lady to talk to me for a long time. Yes, I'm an ex-offender and yes, I've done my time. People need to realize that people do change and just because you are an ex-offender doesn't mean you are going to do it again. Some people just need to grow up. The lady eventually, after I came back, came back and came back to her store told me that she couldn't hire me because I was an ex-offender. I'm not a felon but I do have a misdemeanor on my record. Everyone wants to speak out about people being on welfare, people doing this and that, but when someone wants a job, works hard to try to take care of her family, goes out and tries to do her best, people like this say things and do things like this, to basically down us, down the former offenders. How can someone be so cold hearted. We are people like everyone else, just trying to take care of our family. I would like to say to the lady thank you so much for the job. I really appreciate how courteous you were not to take me somewhere else and talk to me about it privately instead of talking to me in front of a whole set of customers. I really, really appreciate that.

I was wondering what could be done when a group of neighborhood homeowners have exhausted every possibility of having their neighbor keep two beagles locked up? They continue to allow them to run loose after 5 p.m. when the animal control officers are off duty, and every weekend they allow the animals to run loose in the entire neighborhood. Is our next step to sign a petition and file a formal complaint? What would our next step be? We have called the animal control officers but now the people have wised up and are allowing the dogs to run loose after 5 p.m. when they know no one is on duty. Please tell us what is our next option.

Hello, I did not want to leave out the cry babies of Chaffee and Rockview about the train issue. I hope this subject comes up again and they want to run 50 trains a day. Also, I will not be voting for anyone who backs this and I think the thank you ads they signed was a disgrace to the city of Sikeston. I'm just not happy with it. I just think they should've let them do what they wanted to do. Thank you and goodbye.

This is to the family of the man who was reinstated after an alleged drug abuse incident. I won't even mention the school because most will know which school. I hope something good comes of this and you will seek help for your son. You know that he needs help. You need to be pro-active and rejoice.

Mike I just wanted to comment on your trip that you kept us informed on. I think it's wonderful and please don't back down. We enjoyed every one of them.