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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 7/6

Friday, July 6, 2007

Call 471-6636

I've seen and counted 25-40 cars going in and out of a certain house in our neighborhood, and people walking back and forth in the driveway smoking dope and drinking. This goes on around the first of every month. I don't care what the grownups do, but when you see 13 to 17 year olds doing it like no one is going to do anything to them or the guy selling to them, it bothers me that police and sheriff's department knows about it, and not doing any thing about it. I've been told they are checking into it. I think two years is enough checking. There are a lot of kids in our area, and that's what I worry about. Thanks, from someone who worries about our kids and our neighborhood. Could someone leave a number for the drug task force?

The number of SEMO Drug Task Force is 472-3320 or 1-888-823-6384.

Why do our American jobs go overseas, and employers from foreign countries like Japan, Korea and China move in and take over? I think our working routines have really changed since these foreign employers have taken over. Do I hear a yes to my opinion? On the news tonight, someone said the president wasn't a lame duck, he's a dumb duck. I agree. Thank you and God bless America!

I would like to speak out to the ones, I don't know what they call their self doing out in my backyard. But I sure hope they enjoyed it. I know who it is, I saw them. If I see them again, I will open fire on them. If they don't believe I will, they need to talk to the police at Dexter.

I live on Lucas Street. I guess the gentleman that owns the nursery has just decided to make a driveway across the ditch with no culvert, tracking the mud out across the street and everything. I guess that's okay. Any of the rest of us did that I'm sure the city would be down here asking us why don't we put in a culvert and make a proper driveway.

I remember the price of gasoline under Bill Clinton. George Bush Sr. had it all panned out. We never paid over 65 cents a gallon when George Bush Sr. was in. Also I remember the price of gasoline when Carter was in and the long lines waiting and the 55 mph speed limit. He was a Democrat. Remember, remember, remember.