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Speakout 7-11

Friday, July 11, 2008

Where'd they go

Mr. Editor, are there 80 jobs here to replace those lost at the Cott Beverage Co.?And where would those 80 jobs be? What jobs did the people from Hart's Bakery move to in town? And the people that worked at Malone and Hyde, when it closed and the 600 or so jobs were lost from there, what jobs did those people move to here in town? And the Essex Wire, what jobs did those 250 people move to? I'm just curious to know the demographics of the job scene here in Sikeston. Oh, and the trailer construction company, what happened to those people?

A long stretch

Being Cat Woman wouldn't be a bad thing to me! Just to fit in that costume like Michelle Pfeiffer. . .

Looney tunes continue

Hey, even Mickey Mouse had a cat - Figaro. (Yes, I know Figaro belonged to Gepetto in "Pinocchio, but he was also Minnie Mouse's pet and starred in a number of Mickey cartoons.)

Traveling on

This is in reply to Roger Tidwell's letter on 6/26. First off, no I'm not signing my name, as what I have to say does not fall under "praise" and I don't want my children to face the "political fallout" of stating the facts. We too paid the same amount of money as everyone else, but we didn't have a scorekeeper for the boards and one night, didn't even have a pitching machine. Someone told me one of the traveling teams had taken it to Oran. If so, that shouldn't have happened. The recreational leagues are the ones making the money for the Sikeston League, not the traveling. Last I heard, the traveling teams make money for themselves, and that is fine, but they shouldn't have the benefit of using the Sikeston League pitching machines, unless they are paying to and they definitely shouldn't be able to leave the Complex fields with them and then make a recreational league play without one. I witnessed this several weeks ago. Also, I am sooooo disappointed in the "dog tags" the children received as a trophy. A kid would much rather have an actual trophy or even a medal. They couldn't even engrave them, but used a laser printer to print off a label and stick on. I guess it is getting like everything else in the world, we pay more and get less! On another note, I noticed a big nice picture of yet "a traveling team" hanging up at the concession stand. Did the Sikeston league use the league money to pay for that? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the kid's achievements. I think they did great and deserve praise, but again, I'm in hopes the league did not pay for it when they couldn't handle the issues above. Finally, I do appreciate the men and women that volunteer for coaching, being an officer, etc., but I do not agree with them taking the positions for the wrong reasons such as "getting their child special privileges when it comes to the position they play in the field, making All-Stars, etc. That is just plain wrong! C'mon Sikeston league, you can do better and should.

Just imagine. . .

You had better wake up and think before you vote. Scenario: Obama wins presidency. He states he will immediately bring all soldiers home. Muslim extremists, Iran, Syria and other terrorist groups are rejoicing in the streets because they beat the American infidels. Iran and Syria move into Iraq along with the opposing tribes of Iraq. Civil war starts, oil flow stops to America. American gas prices go to $10 a gallon. Israel is attacked as Iran keeps threatening. Israel strikes back. Russia just recently in the media has warned Israel to dare not attack Iran since Russia is big backers of Iran now. Russia supplies Iran with their weapons. So there you have it. Russia gets into the war. Some wacky extremist in Pakistan decides they are threatened and sets off nuclear weapons. Israel uses nukes on Iran. Start of World War III. Instead of voting because of party line or color of skin, vote your conscience and your beliefs. Are you going to support abortion? He does. Do you want to become oil independent and drill in our own waters? He is against it. If you live the Hollywood life and don't care about gas prices and the middle working class, he is your man. If you're a welfare dependent lifetime achiever, he is your man.

Got lucky

This is in response to the comment "Shirts weren't in the box." The tickets were placed in the shirts and then were mixed together. The people throwing the shirts had no idea which one contained the tickets to the Las Vegas PBR. How can that be called unfair? Furthermore, there was no special treatment given to anyone who may have caught a shirt which had the tickets. The Jaycees thought that throwing the shirts with the tickets was the fairest way to distribute them. They didn't want to draw seat numbers for fear that someone would accuse them of "rigging" the event, which they would never do. On both nights, I saw a bunch of guys running around and throwing shirts at random. The lucky winners were just that, lucky.

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