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Speakout 7-13

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sit on it

I'm calling about the uneducated hoodlums in Blodgett who keep destroying the park benches. Their parents just let them run wild with no supervision, no nothing, because there is no police in Blodgett. I just want to let them know Mr. Russell provided these benches for everyone to have something nice at the park. Instead of getting rich and forgetting about the town he came from, he still tries to do for everybody in this town. And this is the kind of respect you have for him when you destroy the stuff that he purchases? Why don't you stop and think about this when you let your children out to play? The kids that tore them up, the parents probably know who they are.

Watered-down gas

I think it's a shame that the American citizens are paying $4 a gallon for gas that's nothing but water. I just spent $75 to fill my truck up. Before I filled it up with 89 octane, my truck ran great, didn't hesitate or nothing. After I filled my truck up and spent that much money, my truck is running like crap. I took it by a place, they checked it out and told me it was the gas I just bought. That is a shame! That is a shame! Then again, American people have been getting @#$*&$# for the last eight years and will keep getting it until November.

She's broke

I saw on June 26 news where loud-mouth Clinton is $20 million in debt for her vacation political speeches, of which $12 million is her own dough. I didn't know she keeps her own checkbook, so who knows if she's really correct? If she's so near broke, have you noticed she is still traveling, buying $4 gas, plane tickets, motel room, her own laundry, hot dogs or steaks - wonder which? And Romeo is still flapping his tongue too. And who knows what else! The White House office desk has so many sweet, passionate memories that his heart is still yearning for the desk and hopes poor Hillary can open the door for him. Shame, shame Bill. The devil has always yearned for power just as Hitler clung to so desperately.

Seeking helper

This is to the lady that helped me in front of Bo's Pawn Shop on June 16. I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you for helping me and my son. I would like for you to give me a call if there's anyway possible at 931-1593.

A flat out wonderful person

I would like to thank a certain gentleman, I don't know his name. On June 25, I had a flat tire. I was in the process of calling my mother to come pick me up when this gentleman in a black, Dodge pickup truck stopped and asked me if I had a spare. He told me he would change the tire for me. He was so sweet. It was so hot, and that man sweated his butt off while he changed my tire. If he's reading this paper, he knows who he is. You are such a wonderful person. God has blessed you and I hope He will continue to bless you in the future. There are still good people out there. Bless you, thank you and I hope you get many good returns in your future.