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Speakout 7-14

Monday, July 14, 2008

Praying for help

This is for Michael Jensen and I would like for you to put it in the paper for everybody to see. Michael, I know that you are trying to help Sikeston with all these jobs that you are trying to get in here. Well listen, I am a praying person. I was brought up poor, very, very poor. I raised my family and tried to raise them right and believe in God and trust in Him, which I am still doing. I'm 80 years old and I still live for the Lord. And believe me Michael Jensen, I am praying very, very hard for the things that go on in Sikeston. I don't live in Sikeston, I live at the edge of town. I love my people in Sikeston, and I pray for every one of them, that God is going to do what is right for us. I hope that everybody will see this in the paper and pray with me. We need help, Michael Jensen, and we need it bad. I believe that Jesus is coming back one of these days before long. I want to be ready and I want all my family and everybody to be ready. Let's all get together and have a prayer for the things that are going on in Sikeston and everywhere else. People need jobs. I know there are times that I have been hungry in my life and I still don't have much to live on, although I worked for years and retired. I've worked and tried to make a living for my family. I've raised them and got them married off. My husband is gone so it's just me. So Michael Jensen, I'm praying and I want everybody else to pray. I want this in the paper so everyone can understand what I'm talking about.

Taxing situation

Several of us were eating at Buffalo Wild Wings the other night. A man in our party noticed that they charged almost 9 percent tax on eating. We were wondering why they charged so much more than the other restaurants in town? It doesn't seem fair to the other restaurants that they are charging 9 percent and they get only 7 point something.

Buffalo Wild Wings is located in a Tax Incremental Financing District, whereby the district is authorized by state law to charge an additional one-cent sales tax to pay for public improvements within that district.

It's a pain

I know there are people in this area that have fibromyalgia. I cannot find a doctor in this area that even believes you have anything. I can't find one that will even treat me for it. They won't even give me any pain medicine. I read articles about other people having it, they go to the doctor and they give them specific medicine. I would like for somebody who is going to the doctor for fibromyalgia to call me. My number is 472-1179.

Peanut brittle

I'm calling to inquire about the nice church group that was selling the peanut brittle at Food Giant. It really made our day and we would like to get some more. If anyone knows would they please call in to SpeakOut and let us know.

What a car

I was recently at the First Assembly of God car show at the Freedom Celebration. Man, oh man, there was a black mustang there. I know everybody sees it driving around in Sikeston. It is one of the prettiest Mustangs I've seen in years. And believe me, I have been around for a lot of years. I was at the show. It was a young fellow that owned it. I think he won best engine and also he won best in his category and overall best. I was just wondering why you guys didn't feature him in your newspaper? It's really a pretty car and the citizens of Sikeston need to see it. I think you ought to recognize this man. He's put a lot of work into this car and I think it's really nice.