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Speakout 7-22

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not smiling for the camera

To my dear fellow citizens of Sikeston, It has been brought to my attention in the past five or so years that we have a very serious problem. Our police "force" - Sikeston DPS has been bullying and harassing us law abiding people. This is not hearsay, nor slander, but 100 percent honest fact. This is not what I pay taxes for so that a group of individuals can bully us, our friends, families and children around. If we are indeed a free society why do we need cops and police cameras at every angle of our high school, junior high and all around town? Where was the voting on the camera issue, or at least a town meeting? Sadly, the line between criminals and cops is progressively getting blurred with the passing of each year. The overuse and abuse of police power induces unintended consequences and rebellion; if this trend continues I foresee a cesspool instead of the prosperous town Sikeston could be. Do not let people push you around just because they have a badge. Stand up for yourself and remember - cops are public servants put in place to serve and protect us law abiding citizens. They are not here to coerce, bully, manipulate or harass us good people. For your safety, take a stand against some of these policemen who are addicted to and completely abuse their powers. Does anyone on the police force believe in God anymore - or at the very least, kindness and ethical conduct? If the Standard Democrat still believes in freedom of speech they will print this.

Packs and Barack

Okay Sikeston, it is time to take action. I have two issues 1. We need to make sure Obama doesn't get elected president. Please vote, and not for a guy that won't wear an American flag pin, and won't place his hand over his heart when our American Anthem is played. Enough said. Mark my words, if we allow him to be elected, we will be sorry! 2. The Packers need to welcome back Brett Favre with open arms. There are more Packers fans in Sikeston than you may think. Please go to www.bringbackbrettfavre.com and vote for him and sign the guestbook. This is to all fans of the NFL, not just Pack fans.

In the hot seat

This is in response to the speakout about the Blodgett Park. Truth be known, your kids are probably the ones who tore them up because I take my kids there and went there one day and the benches were broken into pieces. If it were my kids, who are by the way educated, that tore them up I would replace them. So instead of accusing people of doing it, get off your &%# and find out who really done it!

No one died when he lied

This is for the SpeakOut caller who is so eaten up with hatred for the Clintons. Bill Clinton brought us eight years of peace, prosperity and respect from the western world. Whatever sins he committed behind closed doors cannot compare to the total incompetence, stupidity and evil of the Bush administration. I'm amazed that anyone could possibly care what Bill or Hillary are doing or how they spend the money they earn, especially considering the devastation caused to our country by George Bush. The only explanation for the irrational jealousy you have for Bill comes from the fact that you weren't getting any, and he was. May I also remind you, when Clinton lied, nobody died.

Uncommon listing

I'm calling about the classified ads in the paper. I'm wondering why the trustee sales for some of the property in Sikeston that are located in better areas of Sikeston, they never give the address. If it's a common street, like Miller Street, they give the name and address. There was one in the paper that was in the northwest part of town and the address wasn't given. I just wonder why they list the common people and streets, but the better areas they don't give the names or the address? I just don't think it's right.