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Speakout 7-28

Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking it to the street

Exploitation of the powerless by the imposition of American businesses bottom-line philosophy has created this world economic crisis. Bill Gates and his group cry their crocodile tears over all these poor people ravaged by the financial system implemented by the rich to benefit only the rich. The New York Stock Exchange is irrelevant, only used to deceive the ordinary Americans about how much control they have over their economy while leaving them vulnerable to American Stock Market business school vultures. All the super rich have already moved their money into offshore investing involving all kinds of schemes to avoid paying any taxes to support this government and its people, leaving no investment and infrastructure, industry production, healthcare, education, basic necessities and last but not least, intellectual and emotional high-class culture. The support of these spoiled brats, self-indulgent, immoral children of the rich, these princes of the realm, is costing the American people way too much. Don't send your children to war to die for them. Don't buy their earth-killing cars and gasoline or their foreign trinkets produced by bloody children's fingers. Boycott, boycott, and take to the streets. You, the American people owe the elite nothing for sucking your lives dry with their tax schemes thievery. The super-rich are the traitors and terrorists. They have seen to it that Americans are burdened beyond belief in all kinds of ways while getting nothing in return for their taxes but a Drakonian police state using and playing to the lowest class of ignorant, doped-up thugs. Americans you have nothing to lose. Bring them down now if you're ever going to.

Looking for uniform

Would the man from East Prairie that sells men's uniforms call and leave his number in SpeakOut. I'm trying to get a hold of him.

Rules not rigid at the Ridge

What happened to the city code restriction for homes in South Ridge Estates behind Lowe's? We now have a shed, or portable building as some might call it, in a backyard facing Col. George Day Parkway. All homeowners had previously been restricted to having detached garages or outbuildings constructed according to the code that was set forth by the city and within the covenant of South Ridge Estates. Complaints have been made regarding this newest eyesore. So now these people are painting this woodshed in a color to match their home. This does not comply with our sub-division's regulations. Many of us have spent thousands of dollars, or have been forced to change our original plans, in order to remain compliant. Did these people not check the sub-division's regulations before placing this woodshed in their backyard, which they are now attempting to hide by putting up a fence? Once this is allowed its just a matter of time before others break the rules and our property value goes down. We've also recently received notices from the developer of South Ridge Estates regarding campers and trailers being parked in driveways. Now, it seems, we have a shed problem. City cody enforcement and the sub-division developer need to see that the rules are enforced.

Minus Eight

I'd like to speak out on a problem here in Sikeston. I think they said it best on the Batman movie when they said, "This town needs an enema." I'm a business owner in Sikeston and I would like to speak out on one of the No. 1 problems in Sikeston, and I do mean it's one that's on the top of the list, and its the Section 8 program. I have a business that has me driving around town, day and night. I see these houses owned by slumlords, with porches full of people with nothing better to do than watch me work all day, while they get rested up to do 95 percent of the law breaking in this town. If you own a scanner, you know just where I'm talking about. It's a shame that 10 percent of the population causes 95 percent of the trouble. Turn your scanners on people. I'm not just making this up. I hear the city is cracking down on littering, and that's good, but listen to my idea. If you get rid of the low-lives, there will be no problem. Respectable people was raised better than to throw trash out the window. I've seen a lot of junky houses in the Sikeston area being torn down and this is a beautiful thing. I even stopped and watched the bulldozers, and they're doing a fine job getting rid of these slumlord houses and these eyesores. But it don't do a bit of good if the very people that trashed those houses get into other houses in better neighborhoods to do the same thing over again. All it takes is for one of these losers to move in on your street, and the good people start moving out and the trash starts moving in. I can't stress it enough, that Section 8 and slumlords are killing this town. If the town would just hire one honest person to stop the misuse of this program, and if Section 8 would kick people off the program that don't follow the rules to a tee, this town would make a complete turnaround. And that's the truth.